Written by: Kelly Meade (8/25/16)

Contemporary band Unspoken brings their eclectic blend of pop, hip-hop & soul to a collection of songs that speak to listeners looking for light in a world of darkness. With the release of Follow Through, Unspoken sing of redemption and hope while spreading the message of God’s grace & love.

The opening track, “Higher” is also the album’s lead single. It’s an upbeat anthem of overcoming the devil’s schemes to bring us down by lifting up the Name of the Lord through whatever we face. The song also reminds us that in both good times & bad times God is worthy of our praise.

“The Cure” tells of the brokenness of humanity and how we’re all looking for something to fill the emptiness inside. No one is immune to struggles and no matter what we’re going through, Jesus is the only One who can truly heal & satisfy our longing for peace.

The powerful imagery of “Life In The Death Of Me” gives an example of the change that can take place in us when we fully turn our lives over to God and live for Him.

“Soldier” reminds us that we are engaged in a daily battle to stand firm in our faith as we journey through life. We can be encouraged that regardless of where we’re called, the Lord is with us and He already has the victory.

Title track, “Follow Through”, declares a desire to surrender our burdens & daily life to God and allow Him to work through us realizing that we are stronger when we chase after Him and His will as opposed to living only for ourselves.

“We Are The Light” reiterates the purpose we were given in Matthew 5:14-16 to be the light of the world and not hide the love of Jesus living in us as we allow Him to shine through everywhere we go and in everything we do.

“Sleep In The Storm” is a prayer for endurance in times of trials asking God to use the things that intimidate us as motivation to continue on, spurring us into the arms of Jesus as He carries us through to the other side.

Closing song, “Roots”, stresses the importance of having a strong foundation for your faith through the reading of God’s Word and spending time with Him. With the sturdiness of God’s promises and truth beneath us, we are capable of much more than we can imagine.

With its creative production, unique vocal arrangements and songs that inspire us to strive for a deeper relationship with our Savior, Follow Through is a solid album start to finish and a delight to enjoy.


Released: August 26, 2016

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Higher (3:28)
  2. The Cure (3:29)
  3. Open The Clouds (3:11)
  4. Miracle (3:13)
  5. Life In The Death Of Me (4:01)
  6. Soldier (3:08)
  7. Follow Through (3:59)
  8. Good To Me (3:26)
  9. We Are The Light (3:27)
  10. Wait On You (5:14)
  11. *Sleep In The Storm (3:35)
  12. *Can’t Deny Your Love (2:40)
  13. *Roots (2:56)

13 Tracks, 46:00 (‘*’ notes song available on Deluxe Edition only)

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