Alisa Turner ‘Miracle Or Not’

///Alisa Turner ‘Miracle Or Not’

Written by: Laura Chambers (May 3, 2018)

Not everybody who prays for a miracle receives the answer they want. It’s a difficult truth to swallow when you’ve been on the waiting list for years or hours. So focused are we on our desired outcome that we can easily miss the gifts we are given in the form of comfort, strength, and God’s own presence. We can come to desire healing more than the Healer if we’re not careful.

Whether or not our difficult circumstances dissolve our faith depends on our resolve. Can we trust Him with our lives even if we must pass through the fire, the shadows, and the waves on the way home? Alisa Turner is a living example of what deliberately choosing faith over doubt looks like. Despite suffering from the lingering effects of Lyme disease and losing a child, either of which would be enough to drive some people to hopeless despair, she nevertheless has entrusted her pain to God. Miracle or Not comes from her personal journey through the valley of the shadow of death, a lamp lifted high to guide us through ours.

“Lift My Eyes” resolves to look to the source of our hope instead of the enemies whose weapons are trained on our hearts, souls and minds. In Him we have a shelter where our safety is assured. The bridge reminds us of the qualifications our Savior possesses that make it possible to rely on His aid. In “Miracles”, Alisa professes a personal knowledge of the ways God is moving in her life. His miracles are on full display, so much so that it would be difficult not to believe in Him. “Not Even Now” declares that even in the darkest times, God has not left us, nor has He been conquered by anyone. Indeed, these are impossibilities no matter what the world inside and outside our doors look like. He is still in control and almighty. “Only My Jesus” chooses Jesus as the ideal traveling companion throughout this life all the way to the end. A hymn of complete devotion and love for the One who will never leave us by the side of the road to make our own way through the world.

“Safe” retreats to the refuge of Jesus’ arms after fleeing the encroaching darkness surrounding us. In this sanctuary, we do not shrink back in embarrassment or grasp for something that will keep us from hurting. “Miracle Or Not” laments the pain of waiting for miraculous intervention that never comes, but continues to cling to the promise that we are loved, whether or not we receive the answers we’re looking for. If we keep declaring it enough, we will come to know it in our souls as well as our minds. The song echoes the longings of many whose prayers seem to go unanswered. “What A Day” looks at three pivotal days in the saga of Christ – his crucifixion, resurrection, and imminent return. Each of these moments are truly worthy of celebration. The first three lines of the chorus following each verse are changed slightly depending on the circumstances, but all the faithful can agree that these days are momentous occasions. “Louder” dispels the misconception that we are helpless to change the tide of our battles; when we worship Christ, we unleash a power that cannot be stopped. Each apparent defeat should only increase the volume of our worship until it is the only audible noise in the storm.

“Forever Holy” lifts praise to God that only pauses upon death, rising more vibrantly than before with our resurrection. The song has almost a swaying motion, like a boat rocking on the calm waves. His love, mercy, beauty, and power are all attributes which prove His holiness. “My Prayer For You” speaks on behalf of those who are on the verge of losing hope and the fatigued faithful alike, praying for them to know and trust Him. Anyone who has been where they are now could only wish that others find what they have – the most able of helpers and faithful of friends. “As It Is In Heaven” looks eagerly toward heaven, our true home, where no darkness lives. If even a fraction of it can be experienced where we are, it’s something worth praying for. We can be assured that what we see partially will become a complete reality someday. “Loved” marvels at the love of God, which does not change based on our performance or lack thereof. The more we struggle, the tighter He holds us, unwilling to let us go, despite having witnessed all of the low points in our lives. “Psalm 13” admits to doubting and feeling forgotten by God. Despite these conflicting emotions and difficult questions, we know that He is good and loving.

Some answers are unknowable in this lifetime; some come after long nights of warring with grief and guilt. Can we be okay with receiving the ones we didn’t ask for? If we are assured of God’s presence from start to finish, we can leave our burdens in His capable arms and lift ours in praise. Alisa Turner doesn’t place any conditions on her faith; she has already determined that she will let nothing deter her from trusting in God. Miracle Or Not encourages that same resolve in everyone, no matter where their choices have taken them; God is faithful, no matter what happens.


Released: May 11, 2018

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Lift My Eyes (4:39)
  2. Miracles (4:07)
  3. Not Even Now (3:34)
  4. Only My Jesus (4:01)
  5. Safe (3:50)
  6. Miracle or Not (3:38)
  7. What A Day (3:30)
  8. Louder (3:29)
  9. Forever Holy (6:18)
  10. My Prayer For You (4:03)
  11. As It Is In Heaven (5:56)
  12. Loved (3:42)
  13. Psalm 13 (2:46)

13 Tracks, 53:00

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