Written by: Kelly Meade (5/16/18)

With the release of her debut EP, Seasons, singer/songwriter Tori Harper offers an inspiring 5-song collection that brings hope in the midst of trials.

“Joy” sets the tone for the EP with an uplifting song celebrating the true joy that can only come from our Heavenly Father and goes beyond merely just being happy to also fill our hearts with peace.

Title track, “Seasons” reassures that we can trust the Lord with our lives, hearts & minds. Though it can be incredibly difficult to give over control of a situation or circumstances, God knows what He’s doing even when we can’t see it.

A personal favorite, “After Dark”, tells of the light of hope continuing to shine through the struggles we face that can pull us into the darkest depths. Even at our lowest moments, we are not alone and it’s so important to not give up on your faith in Christ.

“My Father, My Shepherd” plays as a prayer acknowledging the need for a Savior and points to the Lord as a guide, comfort and companion while praising Him for His faithfulness.

There are times when we all travel through the lower valleys of life. The path may be darker for some than others, but we each need to be reminded that there is a loving God who is watching over us, there beside us when we feel alone and will carry us through when we choose to trust in Him. Each track on Seasons comes to life with tender vocals and pleasant melodies as they encourage listeners to keep reaching out to our Savior and help us know that we don’t have to face the darkness on our own.


Released: May 18, 2018

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

  1. Joy 3:40
  2. Seasons 4:04
  3. After Dark 4:09
  4. Stand Firm 3:29
  5. My Father, My Shepherd 3:20

5 Tracks, 19:00

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