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Kat & Jared ‘Self-Titled EP’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (2/4/2017) Before I even get into critiquing the music, can I just say how adorable these two are? Like, how sweet is it to be making music with your beloved significant other? And how about those photos? Don’t they look just so in love with each [...]

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Satellites & Sirens ‘Tanks’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (10/22/2016) From a simple Craigslist advertisement, to record deals, to being nominated for multiple Dove Awards, Satellites and Sirens has been around the block a time or two. With their newest release of TANKS, you’re able to feel like you’re listening to the same great older [...]

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Thousand Foot Krutch ‘Exhale’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (6/14/2016) Everyone knows that saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it,” right? Well I believe TFK has put this phrase into action with this album. Something about the band just stays the same throughout their music and it works. You know when you listen to [...]

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RED ‘End Of Silence – 10th Anniversary Edition’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (5/31/2016) Confession time here. When I first got into RED, it was when they were about to release their newest album at the time, Release the Panic, and I only had their first album End of Silence at the time. I had no idea there were [...]

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Decyfer Down ‘The Other Side Of Darkness’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (3/29/2016) I have to honestly admit that although rock is my favorite genre, I had to lessen my hopes of there being a true rock album being released in the Christian Music industry before starting this review. You can only imagine the smile that continued to [...]

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Lacey Sturm ‘Life Screams’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (2/7/2016) Headphones in, music filling my ears and the world begins to fade into the background. Finally, back into the groove of reviewing albums and picking apart the meaning of songs. And what better album to start with than one from none other than former Flyleaf vocalist [...]

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7eventh Time Down ‘God Is On The Move’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (8/21/15) As I was listening to Just Say Jesus, I was wondering when, or if, 7eventh Time Down was releasing new music. The next day, I hopped on the computer to check out the new writing assignments and saw this album and immediately claimed it! [...]

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