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Phil Wickham ‘Hymn of Heaven’

Written by: Abby Thigpen (6/24/2021) I’m not usually one who likes to listen to contemporary worship music but for some reason Phil Wickham always hits the sweet spot for me. Maybe it’s the catchy tunes or possibly the truth filled lyrics, but whatever he’s doing just plain works. So [...]

By |2021-06-25T01:44:09-04:00June 25th, 2021|Music, Reviews|Comments Off on Phil Wickham ‘Hymn of Heaven’

Cory Asbury ‘To Love A Fool’

Written by: Abby Baracskai-Thigpen (7/30/2020) Let’s be honest, just about EVERYONE only knows Cory Asbury as the guy who sings “Reckless Love” and going into this review, I didn’t expect much more than that. As someone who doesn’t really care for this previous mega-hit or much for his record [...]

By |2020-07-31T00:20:10-04:00July 31st, 2020|Music, Reviews|Comments Off on Cory Asbury ‘To Love A Fool’

Colton Dixon ‘Self-Titled EP’

Written by: Abby Baracskai-Thigpen (5/11/2020) From American Idol sweetheart to Christian music pop star, Colton Dixon sure has done a lot in his 10 years in the music industry, but this EP seems like a first in my book. Earlier records like A Messenger and Anchor feature a lot [...]

By |2020-06-26T03:18:20-04:00May 15th, 2020|Music, Reviews|Comments Off on Colton Dixon ‘Self-Titled EP’

Disciple ‘Love Letter Kill Shot’

Written by: Abby Baracskai-Thigpen (September 10, 2019) Before I dive into the album review, I want to take a moment to say this band has been around making music longer than I have been alive and that absolutely blows my mind. It seems like so many bands make one [...]

By |2019-09-15T20:59:02-04:00September 13th, 2019|Music, Reviews|Comments Off on Disciple ‘Love Letter Kill Shot’

7eventh Time Down ‘Brand New Day’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (February 27, 2019) I’ve been listening to 7eventh Time Down since their first album, Alive in You, in 2011. I also wrote the review for their previous album, God is On the Move, in 2015. Needless to say, it’s been kind of neat watching them [...]

By |2021-07-03T17:38:49-04:00March 1st, 2019|Music, Reviews|Comments Off on 7eventh Time Down ‘Brand New Day’

for KING & COUNTRY ‘Burn The Ships’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (October 2, 2018) I’d like to start with a small tidbit and say I did not always adore For King and Country like I do now. My first experience with them was when “Proof of Your Love” was big on the radio and I absolutely [...]

By |2018-10-05T00:06:46-04:00October 5th, 2018|Music, Reviews|Comments Off on for KING & COUNTRY ‘Burn The Ships’

LoveCollide ‘Tired Of Basic’

Written by: Abby Baracskai (4/11/2018) Lauren, one of the members that makes up the sister duo, has said “We like to think outside the box and challenge others not to live the basic life but to step into the unknown and live out the life that God has called [...]

By |2018-04-12T21:45:44-04:00April 13th, 2018|Music, Reviews|Comments Off on LoveCollide ‘Tired Of Basic’
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