Blanca ‘Shattered’

///Blanca ‘Shattered’

Written by: Laura Chambers (September 5, 2018)

When your heart is broken, it can be difficult to see how anything good can come from your pain. All of your attention is focused on frantically trying to sweep up the pieces, hoping you’ll be able to put them back together. What a relief when one friend comes alongside you with a broom, another with a dustpan, another with a bottle of glue. The task that once seemed impossible becomes manageable. And as you work together, they tell their stories of desperation past; they too have been where you are, and know. In her sophomore album Shattered, Blanca Callahan opens up to her listeners about her experiences with loss and restoration in the hopes that they too will find the courage to be honest with themselves and each other.

In “Remind Me”, Blanca confesses a tendency to allow her worries to consume her and borrowing trouble from tomorrow. Yet she asks God to assure her daily of the truth she forgets too easily; that God is faithful to provide for our needs and will always look after us.

“What If” looks beyond changing moods and fears for the future to consider the possibility (reality) that God is able to empower us to accomplish the things we doubt we can. He has placed us where we need to be, and no amount of words to the contrary running through our mind can change the truth.

“Real Love” expresses dissatisfaction with the trivialization of faith which dismisses genuine needs in favor of cheap showmanship, artificial perfection, legalism, and holier than thou attitudes.  Our hearts long for the pure love of Christ, a love that purifies and draws us close to His side.

“Best Part Of Me” recognizes that everything good inside of us comes from the Spirit inside of us. We own none of our pure desires or compassionate works. When people see His love radiating from our souls, it’s a perfect opportunity to testify about our hope.

“Steady” appeals for God to be an anchor holding us down and grounding our lives in truth and strength. While we’re inclined to have scattered thoughts and emotions, He is steadfast and immovable. Instead of allowing feelings to dictate our responses, we trust in fact and faith.

In “All In”, Blanca is determined to allow God to cast her in whatever role He wants, regardless of her misgivings. She volunteers her life to accomplish His will. God doesn’t need us to ace our missions because it’s His power rather than ours; He seeks faithful people and uses the weak to accomplish the extraordinary.

“Heaven” takes a moment to consider the destination of the journey we as God’s people are undertaking. The “city of gold” is where our true hope awaits us; looking to our future makes the present difficulties more bearable. Someday, we’ll be where Jesus is, with no more sadness or hurting.

Featuring Tye Tribbett, “Run To The River” encourages us to find our strength in the Spirit instead of trying to be enough for ourselves and those around us. We have an unending source of help and love to draw from. Worries about money, food, the people we care for, and our reputations shouldn’t consume us.

“How Much More” reminds us that since God supplies the needs of birds and flowers, we can surely trust He will do the same for us. Moreover, if imperfect people have the capacity to love each other even a little bit, God’s love for us is far greater.

“Shattered” speaks from Blanca’s past experience of pain and loss, assuring those walking through the darkness now that God is allowing it for a greater purpose, even if it doesn’t make sense to us. He can put our broken pieces back together and make us better than whole. We are far from abandoned.

“Undeniable” admits to having doubts about whether God is listening and recognizes that to some, trusting someone you question the existence of occasionally seems ridiculous. But for every moment of uncertainty, there are moments of clarity, where the love of God manifests in unmistakable ways. Whether God touches us with His presence, His love, or speaks to us in words, these experiences more than make up for the times we don’t feel Him and make us wonder why we ever faltered.

“Numb” resists the overwhelming urge to dull pain, despite the ready availability of diversions and distractions. Walking through our grief and despair, as excruciating as it may be, is far better than living in denial and chasing temporary relief. It may be an agonizing reality, but at least it’s real.

Featuring Redimi2, “Give It All” surrenders every burden in a last-ditch effort to escape the pull of despair sucking us deep underground. We begin to believe the lies we are told and become self-oriented, unable to see anything but our own difficulties, if we don’t allow Him to have control of our lives. God is the only one able to carry and solve our problems.

“Feel It” acknowledges that we fight with the wrong mindset, as though we have yet to be victorious, when in reality we’ve won and are waiting for time to catch up with truth. Though we have faced tremendous opposition, it has only strengthened us. We have to stand and claim the inevitable glorious destiny prepared for us.

It’s time to defy what we believe we see and cling to what we know to be true. To appreciate our struggles and see them in the correct light, as opportunities for growth and reasons to glorify God. Shattered brings together fragments of truth and assembles them into a portrait of God Himself. Blanca Callahan lays her heart bare, scars and all, before God and man, surrendering herself to One and sharing her message of hope with the other.


Released: September 14, 2018

Label: Curb/Word Entertainment

Track Listing:

  1. Remind Me (2:45)
  2. What If (3:03)
  3. Real Love (3:52)
  4. Best Part of Me (3:24)
  5. Steady (3:36)
  6. All In (3:14)
  7. Heaven (3:36)
  8. Run to the River (feat. Tye Tribbett) (3:14)
  9. How Much More (3:41)
  10. Shattered (4:00)
  11. Undeniable (3:18)
  12. Numb (3:45)
  13. Give It All (feat. Redimi2) (3:04)
  14. Feel It (3:28)

14 Tracks, 48:00

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