Written by: Catherine Cochran (9/11/22)

Blanca really puts her heart and soul into her new album The Heartbreak and The Healing. The album has 13 songs that really captures a rollercoaster of emotions. This album will be released soon, on September 23, 2022.

The one thing that is constant is change. We all experience losses and the healing that comes after. I myself have had many loses and God always manages to heal me. Faith makes difficult times bearable. Music can help someone through times of loss, and this is truly an album, I would recommend.

“Start Over” is the first song with a great beat. Blanca brings a great point in the lyrics, that is never too late to start over. The song grabs you not only as a reminder but can have you singing along or even dancing.

“Even at My Worst” is already on the radio and one of my personal favorites. It is a true reminder that God loves us just as we are. God is always there for us, and we can turn to him in our worst of times, not just the good times. This song reminds me to hold tight to the Faith and embrace the hug our Father gives us.

“Let The Light In” allows you to feel the pain one can go through without allowing God to be in our life. The lyrics let the light is a reminder Jesus is the light we need in our life. The song is embracing the reminder to let our light shine in us that the Spirit gives us.

“The Heartbreak” is one that most can relate to. If you have ever had your heart broken, this song is a one that hits home. God allows heartbreaks for our own good. Many will forget to thank God for the heart aches. This is a reminder to thank God for everything, even the pain we must endure at times.

The album closes with “The Healing” featuring Dante Bowe. After the heartbreak we are due for a healing and this song was placed right at the end, which is a proper close to this album. Having Faith is a big part of healing. God can heal us all, if we just allow him to do so. This is one of the best songs on the album in my opinion.

The Heartbreak And The Healing has songs you can feel the words come to life. Most of the songs are upbeat and will have you off you seat dancing to it and singing along. The main point is to embrace your Faith no matter what you are going through. God is using Blanca to reach others who need a healing and I pray it reaches all that are meant to be reached.


Released: September 23, 2022

Label: Curb | Word Entertainment

Track Listing:

  1. Start Over (2:49)
  2. New Day (feat. Jekalyn Carr) (3:01)
  3. Even At My Worst (3:30)
  4. Something Better (3:01)
  5. I Got You (2:53)
  6. In The Middle (4:20)
  7. Uncovered (3:18)
  8. Mi Amor (3:07)
  9. Never Too Far (feat. Ty Brasel) (3:04)
  10. Let The Light In (3:06)
  11. Bring You Home (3:59)
  12. The Heartbreak (3:37)
  13. The Healing (feat. Dante Bowe) (3:49)

13 Tracks, 44:00

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