Written by: Mallory Romportl (09/20/22)

The Newsboys are back with a stellar new album featuring their amazing hit, “Stand”. This deluxe album by the same name also includes talents of TobyMac and Bart Millard of MercyMe and is a joy for the whole family!

“Magnetic”: This song was my kids favorite to listen to, it’s danceable and very energetic! I love that it talks about God’s mercy and unconditional love is more powerful than any distance or mistake we could make and anything that we do could never make Him love us any less.

“Ain’t it like Jesus”: First of all, love the beat and rhythm of this song, it’s very catchy but I also love that it talks about the character of Jesus and how incredible His love is for us.

“I Still Believe You’re Good”: I could honestly listen to this song over and over again because I felt the lyrics were speaking straight to me. It’s a wonderful reminder that God is good in every situation even when we can’t see how things could improve. This song is somehow comforting on a difficult day.

“King of Kings”: A fun and upbeat remake of a classic with wonderful vocals from Bart Millard, this song is such a beautiful addition to the album.

“Stand”: I truly enjoyed taking the time to digest every lyric of this song. I appreciate that it was almost a challenge for us as believers to stand up when no one else will. I also liked that this song wasn’t overpowered with too much musical theatrics but it was more simple and really allowed the lyrics to be the focus. Overall, this song is a joy to listen to and really makes you think about what standing up in faith looks like.

“Clean”: I love that this song talks about letting go of who others say you are or how ‘we feel’ but about how our identity is safe, beautiful, and incredible in God. I love that it’s titled Clean, it’s a beautiful picture of how God renews and transforms.

“All Things are Possible”: I had some difficulty hearing some of the lyrics in the background music of this song. Although I enjoyed listening to it, it tends to repeat quite a bit. I know there has been many songs along the same lines in regards to the theme and lyrics of this one as well.

“Jesus Did”: This song was almost as if we were listening to a testimony of someone’s salvation. It was touching and just hit different than other songs on the album. I felt loved listening to it. The lyrics were a powerful reminder than Jesus breaks down the lies and calls us by name into His loving arms. What a beautiful song!

“Won’t Be Afraid”: This was another of my kid’s favorite song! My son even said he likes how it talks about how we can be brave when we have God (he’s 4). It sparked a great conversation! It’s fun and has a entertaining beat. It brings up 2 Timothy 1:7 Bible verse while I listened to it.

“Blessings on Blessings”: This one was just fun to listen to, the beat and rhythm were great! The lyrics are a fun way to just thank God for even the little things.

“Come Through”: The vocals on this song are beautiful! It’s another song that is good to listen to on a difficult day with just being reminded that God will come through no matter this situation and just clinging to Him when we feel like giving up.

“No Doubt”: I felt like that this song was a lot like “Come Through” in regards to lyrics with the reminder that there’s no doubt that God is good and that He will never let you down.

“Never Too Far Away”: This song is a beautiful conclusion to the album. I like that it’s a slower break from the energetic beat and allows you to just take the lyrics in. I love that God’s grace and loving mercy is an important theme in this song letting us know that it’s never too late to come back to Him.

Overall, my kids and I enjoyed this new album from the Newsboys! it was fun, upbeat and energetic all while sharing the absolute love of God.


Released: September 23, 2022

Label: Newsboys/Capitol CMG

Track Listing:

  1. Magnetic (3:16)
  2. Ain’t It Like Jesus (3:15)
  3. I Still Believe You’re Good (3:38)
  4. King Of Kings (feat. Bart Millard) (4:01)
  5. Stand (feat. TobyMac) (3:23)
  6. Clean (3:34)
  7. All Things Are Possible (3:34)
  8. Jesus Did (3:23)
  9. Won’t Be Afraid (3:13)
  10. Blessings On Blessings (2:51)
  11. Come Through (3:51)
  12. No Doubt (3:17)
  13. Never Too Far Away (3:40)
  14. I Still Believe You’re Good (Acoustic) (4:09)

14 Tracks, 49:00

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