Written by: Laura Chambers (June 7, 2018)

When you truly love someone, you will never stop fighting on their behalf. Whether you’re literally swinging a physical sword against the enemy (or a lightsaber, if you’re a Jedi), or unable to do anything else, solely interceding on your knees in prayer – or both – you’ll do whatever it takes. The most heartbreaking aspect of war is the possibility of meeting your beloved one face to face and finding them on the other side. (Yeah, now you’re thinking of the high ground scene, aren’t you?) The fact is that we have all been on the opposite side of God in his war for our souls. Yet never once has He or will He stop, no matter how far we drift, no matter how far we run away. What began as a legacy for Plumb’s daughter has become a speak the truth in love letter to every woman, regardless of our differences. Fight For Her whispers words of life and encouragement from somebody who has already traveled some of the same paths we find ourselves on now.

First, she introduces us to some of the women who have shaped her life, including her mother, neighbors, and even her own young daughter, Clementine, whose potential existence stopped her from making a big mistake. Next, she recalls a story she heard while on tour with the band Big Daddy Weave, assuring us that when we begin to see ourselves as God does, we can stop hating and hurting ourselves. She reminds us that just as her daughter looks to her for guidance, we are all the person somebody will look up to someday, so we should live to be good examples. That setting boundaries and closing doors on unacceptable behavior is another way in which God and parents love their children, a protective vaccination against future selfish, destructive actions. But removing other barriers allow people to discover who they are and what they’re capable of, to become independent in all the ways that matter.

Next, Plumb then goes on to discuss how having open, honest conversations with God and eachother can lead to important decisions about how we live and what we believe. She discusses the importance of building character and setting good examples for those who are watching us. We have the power to change how we respond to the things we cannot alter, and in so doing, we lose our negative mindset in favor of a Christlike one. She stresses the importance of fighting battles on behalf of others, just as Jesus wars with the enemy for our sakes. Listening to God’s nudging and obeying it, even if it doesn’t make sense to us, because He knows better than us what we need and what we ought to do. She encourages us to stop hiding our struggles and expose our sins to the light so we can be delivered from them.

Plumb admits to her struggles with trying to get everything right and shows us that when we attempt to live up to unrealistic expectations, it will not end well. God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, but He loves us and extends grace whenever we ask for it. She clarifies that although we can learn a lot from our role models, we do not have to be exactly like them; we were created with unique purposes and passions. She then uses a time that a tour mate spoke truth to her to illustrate how we don’t have to hide or hide behind our outward appearances to feel beautiful and loved. Real love is seeing the absolute worst moments of a person’s life and loving and supporting them throughout; God knows us to the uttermost depths and desires that we get to know him better, too. She then reminds us that true friendship challenges and changes you for the better, whether it’s between us and other people or us and Jesus. She shows us that we don’t have to impress God with our prayers, just be honest and vulnerable before Him. It is diving deep into the love of God that allows us to share what we have been given with those we encounter, passing on love and grace.

Reading this book reminded me of a few things I needed to hear again. If you’re open to hearing difficult truths, or even if you aren’t, Fight For Her tugs at your heart and invites you to reconsider the lies you have bought over the years. Plumb’s wisdom stems from her personal experiences of hurts and healings, conviction and compassion, struggles and triumphs.


Released: August 24, 2018

Publisher: Shoe Publishing / Street Talk Media

Genre: Inspiration Non-fiction


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