Written by: Laura Chambers (November 2, 2018)

Though trusting God is hard to do, sometimes it’s all we can do. But ideally, we shouldn’t let it reach that point before we reach out to Him for help. Instead, we ought to pray from beginning to end; dedicating what we can do to His purpose, asking for the strength as we’re in the process of doing it, and praising Him in whatever condition we come out on the other side. Brian Ortize’s EP Open The Windows sets words to the music of a prayerful, grateful heart, ever mindful of God’s nearness.

“Emmanuel” praises a God who imparts strength by His very presence in the lives of His children. Even when storms arrive on the horizon, our confidence can remain unchanged. Ortize shows us what it means for God to be with us. He fills the role of healer, protector, source of joy, and so much more.

“Oh The Joy” expresses assurance that God is someone we can depend on to love us and impart power when we rejoice. Ortize’s vocals on the chorus bring to mind a child dancing in the rain and drawing pleasure from its refreshing downpour.

“Open The Windows” features the vocals of Shaylee Simeone in the forefront, with Ortize providing the underpinning. Her dreamy voice encourages God to do something nobody else can – unleash more of His presence upon us and thereby effect miracles in our lives through His many blessings.

“Your Love” declares the love of God to be without limitations, more powerful than we could ever imagine, unbound by time, distance, or even our transgressions. What response could be more fitting than for us to withhold nothing of ourselves?

“Sing Hallelujah” sums up the message of the cross in as concise a manner as you’re likely to hear.  (It’s pretty awesome that despite all the ways we’ve come up with already, God can still inspire more!) Inspired in part by the hymn “Jesus Paid It All”, the song notes that every shortcoming of ours was taken into account and is paid for in full.

With a run time of less than half an hour, you could listen to Brian Ortize’s Open The Windows on your coffee break. But you might want to keep it on repeat, especially when…pretty much anything life throws at you. The songs serve as a much-needed reminder that God has and will continue to go into the trenches on our behalf, whether His input consists of lobbing salvos Himself or loading our weapons for us.


Released: November 2, 2018

Label: BEC Recordings

Track Listing:

  1. Emmanuel (4:02)
  2. Oh the Joy (3:05)
  3. Open the Windows (feat. Shaylee Simeone) (4:37)
  4. Your Love (3:24)
  5. Sing Hallelujah (3:42)

5 Tracks, 18:00

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