Written by: Mallory Romportl (02/20/23)

I’ve been listening to Cain for a while now and was super excited to review their new EP of 2023: Honest Offering.

“Praise Opens Prison Doors”: This was my favorite song on this album! The music, the vocals, the lyrics and even hearing the audience singing along was amazing. The title of the track is a powerful statement in itself but this whole song is a wonderful reminder of how simply praising God can be more powerful than we could ever imagined! I also love the correlation of the song and the story of Paul and Silas praising God in prison. This was such a joyful song to listen to and will be on repeat for a while!

“Honest Offering”: My favorite lyric of this song is “I’ve been waiting to give until I could give something better but you just wanted my heart…will you take it in this condition?” Wow. What a beautiful song about just surrendering all to Jesus no matter where we are or what condition we’re in. I loved the addition of the classic hymn lyrics at the end as well, it was a great way to end the song. I really enjoyed listening to this one.

“Friend in Jesus”: This was almost as if we were listening to a testimony of someone who had found that Jesus was there no matter what; like a best friend who never left their side. “The joy we share, what else compares, nothing I’ve ever known” – such a great reminder that Jesus is a friend who loves our company too.

“Blessed Assurance”: I enjoy when artists take a classic hymn and make it their own when adapting it to their style and this is no exception! It wasn’t too overdone, the music was beautifully composed and it’s the perfect addition to the album.

“Shine on Us”: This song really felt like just praises to God – reflecting on His character and what it feels like to simply be in His presence. It’s full of beautiful lyrics and vocals!

“Awe of You”: First of all, I absolutely love how this song really highlights the vocals beautifully. Secondly, the lyrics are incredible! This was a song about being truly immersed in everything about Jesus and His love. But reading and hearing these lyrics really helps to know sometimes there’s no words to describe how it feels just to be in awe of Jesus. The message is just praising Him and it’s simply beautiful.

Honest Offering might be my favorite release from Cain yet – full of praises to Jesus which may seem simple but is oh, so powerful. I enjoyed every one of these songs and this was definitely an album to remember!


Released: February 24, 23

Label: Provident Label Group

Track Listing:

1. Praise Opens Prison Doors (5:23)
2. Honest Offering/I Surrender All (4:37)
3. Friend In Jesus (5:48)
4. Blessed Assurance (feat. David Leonard) (6:21)
5. Shine On Us (feat. Mitch Wong) (4:07)
6. Awe of You (6:50)

6 Tracks, 33:00

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