Caitie Hurst ‘How Could I Be Silent’

///Caitie Hurst ‘How Could I Be Silent’

Caitie Hurst ‘How Could I Be Silent’

Written by: Laura Chambers (August 7, 2018)

Sometimes it takes a while to build up the courage to say what’s on your heart. If it’s insecurity that has your tongue tied in knots, Caitie Hurst can relate. The girl who once couldn’t even get up the courage to sing in front of others has grown up to be a woman who refuses to let her hangups impede God’s direction for her life. With her debut, How Could I Be Silent, Hurst re-enters familiar territory to lead us out of the shadows of our doubts.

“How Could I Be Silent” decides that it’s impossible to stay out of the conversation and remain camouflaged given that God has done so much for us. Never mind how we will come off to others; as long as we shine His light, we have nothing to worry about. The song has a fun vibe to it.

“Walkin’ On The Water” shows how we can move past our questions to do difficult things; by trusting in Jesus and refusing to look anywhere else. We can’t explain everything we’re facing or power through in our own strength. All we have to do is believe that He can help us.

“Nothing To Hide” reminds us that we don’t have to censor our souls when we bare them to Jesus. Though we feel unlovable and undeserving, we are completely loved by Him. Call this the musical equivalent of letting out the deep breath you’ve been holding for so long.

“Answers” honestly asks just a sampling of the many difficult questions we throw at God. Most of them boil down to this; why does God allow suffering and evil to flourish? Instead of giving us what we ask for, He asks something of us; trust Him. Ultimately, He Himself is the answer to all the things we wonder about, and will make good come from everything.

In “Lights”, Hurst testifies how God brought light to the darkness inside of her. She thought she could fix it herself, but nothing worked. She questions why we try to give guidance to others when we’re just as lost as they are. This short track’s tropical influence causes it to breeze by rather quickly.

“Wanderer” delivers the gospel to vagrant souls everywhere. Nobody is beyond the reach of His love or ability to change hearts. We don’t have to be enslaved by our sins and mistakes.

Lastly, though we are bombarded by advertisements promoting various lifestyles and answers, “Signs” remembers that they are drowned out by the message of God, which is visible wherever we look. Everything wonderful points to Him.

How Could I Be Silent is a pretty good sampling of questions we all struggle with and God’s perfect answers to them. Caitie Hurst’s bright delivery brings light and life into every corner of the room.


Released: August 10,2018

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. How Could I Be Silent (3:37)
  2. Walkin’ on the Water (3:13)
  3. Nothing to Hide (3:02)
  4. Answers (3:23)
  5. Lights (2:55)
  6. Wanderer (3:21)
  7. Signs (3:32)

7 Tracks, 23:00

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