Written by: Kelly Meade (04/12/23)

Based out of Canyon Hills Community Church in Washington state, Canyon Hills Worship released their new live album, All To Jesus, on Dream Label Group.

“Mercy Of Jesus” opens the collection with a song that tells of the heart of our Savior who welcomes us regardless of where we’ve been. We can come to Him, lay down our burdens and find compassion, grace and redemption.

My personal favorite track, “Every Season”, celebrates God’s faithfulness to provide, guide and fulfill His promises in every aspect of our lives. He knows what we are going through – good, bad, joyful or sad. The lyrics also serve as a prayer for God to use every situation to ultimately glorify Him.

“Song Of My Salvation” is a praise-filled anthem that recounts the blessings our Heavenly Father has lavished on us while declaring a desire to surrender all to Jesus as we abide in His presence.

The prayerful “More Like Jesus” draws from Scripture as the words request to become more like Jesus in every way through the power of the Holy Spirit and refining of the Father as we strive to serve Him daily.

“On And On” invites us into God’s loving kindness recognizing that He is forever worthy of our praise and will never turn us away when we come to Him just as we are with all our heart.

All To Jesus captures the live worship experience with heartfelt songs of faith, prayerful meditation and surrendering our lives to God. Each track is well performed and produced bringing listeners hearts into a posture of praise. Appropriately titled, All To Jesus reflects the desire to serve our Savior wholeheartedly, calling on the gathered believers to draw closer to Him.


Released: April 14, 2023

Label: Dream Label Group

Track Listing:

1. Mercy Of Jesus (Live) (5:19)
2. Every Season (Live) (5:36)
3. Song Of My Salvation (Live) (4:19)
4. Surrender (Live) (7:20)
5. More Like Jesus (Live) (8:56)
6. Set Me On Fire (Live) (6:26)
7. Abide (Live) (6:01)
8. On And On (Live) (6:46)
9. Glory Hallelujah (Live) (3:56)
10. Every Season (4:17)

10 Tracks, 59:00

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