Written by: Mercedes Rich (2/26/19)

Canyon Hills Worship is a part of the ministry team at Canyon Hills Community Church and their true goal in everything is to know that we have been forgiven beyond measure, therefore we should worship with everything that we have. I have to be honest with you, when I started to play this album, I was not expecting what I heard explode from the speakers of my laptop. There is so much power and drive behind every single song on this album.

Track number 2 “Forever Sing Your Praise” is an upbeat and powerful anthem that, simply put, praises our God. This song is one form of worship talking about forever glorifying His name.

“Standing on the Promises” probably sounds familiar if you have been around Christian music for a while. If you are anything like me, you will fall in love with these familiar words and beat and Canyon Hills does a wonderful job of revamping this classic hymn while adding some unique style to it.

“Peace” deserves to be talked about. All of these songs have great aspects in them but this track redefines worship. So often nowadays, songs are only considered worship if they are slower and tend to sound more like hymns. But this song changes that dynamic because you can worship with this song just as well as a song from the hymn book. That isn’t to say that hymns are bad but sometimes it’s good to change things up and this song does just that. The message behind this song is the chaos in this world is suddenly calmed when we let the peace of God enter into our lives.

To slow things back down a little bit is the song “It Is Well (My Soul Sings).” At first glance, I expected to hear the classic “It is well with my soul” but instead is a completely different song that happens to have the same title. The vocals are clear and beautiful with lyrics to match. It talks about how there is always so much chaos around  but in that chaos, it is well when we have Jesus.

Throughout this album, you can most definitely tell that Canyon Hills Worship wants to praise the Lord in everything that they produce.  As Long As I Live shows a lot of promise and potential especially with the song “Peace.” While they could use some more songs like this one, it is overall a successful venture. Pick up a copy of As Long As I Live by Canyon Hills Worship today.


Released: February 18, 2019

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

  1. You Are Holy – Live (4:50)
  2. Forever Sing Your Praise – Live (4:09)
  3. As Long As I Live – Live (5:02)
  4. Standing on the Promises – Live (4:26)
  5. Over All – Live (4:33)
  6. It Is Well (My Soul Sings) (4:00)
  7. Peace (3:16)

7 Tracks, 31:00

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