Book Review: ‘Fireflies: Sharing God’s Light in the Time of Loss’

Written by: Laura Chambers (2/10/2017) When children are growing up, they believe their parents have all the answers. So they come to them with endless questions. “Why is the sky blue?” “Why do the seasons change?” “Where do babies come from?” Their parents then direct them to books, attempt to [...]

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Book Review: David A.R. White ‘Between Heaven and Hollywood’

Written by: Laura Chambers (10/03/2016) There is no more elusive, heartbreaking, back-breaking, or rewarding journey than following the dreams God has planted inside us. While we may start out as starry-eyed, passionate adventure seekers, those bothersome thoughts we left behind at the last rest stop will eventually catch up [...]

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Book Review: ‘Good Good Father’

Written by: Laura Chambers (9/14/2016) You‘ve heard it on the radio, and now you can read it to your children. The popular song “Good Good Father” makes the leap from the airwaves to the printed page, bringing with it an important reminder for children of all ages. Songwriter Pat Barrett and [...]

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Book Review: Jamie George ‘Poets And Saints’

Written by: Laura Chambers (9/14/2016) As Christians, we hear the hallowed names of the seekers and followers who have gone before us. To some of us, they are just names; people who lived and died ages ago, and somewhere in between, managed to leave enough of a legacy behind to [...]

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Book Review: The Legend of George Jones: His Life and Death

Written by: Kelly Meade (3/1/2016) George Jones is a name known to many throughout the music world and beyond. Some remember him as a pioneer of country music having recorded some of the biggest songs of all-time including the incredibly successful, "He Stopped Loving Her Today". There are others who [...]

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Logan Merrick ‘Chasing Dreams, Killing Idols’

Written by: Jay Heilman (12/11/14) Very rarely do we catch a glimpse into the true lives of Christian musicians in a way where it leaves you thinking “Wow. That can happen in Christian music?” I have worked in the Christian music industry for well over a decade now and [...]

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