Book Review: David A.R. White ‘Between Heaven and Hollywood’

///Book Review: David A.R. White ‘Between Heaven and Hollywood’

Book Review: David A.R. White ‘Between Heaven and Hollywood’

Written by: Laura Chambers (10/03/2016)

There is no more elusive, heartbreaking, back-breaking, or rewarding journey than following the dreams God has planted inside us. While we may start out as starry-eyed, passionate adventure seekers, those bothersome thoughts we left behind at the last rest stop will eventually catch up with us. “What am I doing?” “Is this really God’s plan, or did I hear Him wrong?” “How can this be His will if I’m struggling at every turn?” “Maybe I should just give up.” “Can’t you just give me a road map already?”

David A. R. White is well acquainted with the ups and downs of pursuing dreams. Though he has achieved more than a modicum of success in the Christian entertainment industry, he has not come so far as to forget his humble beginnings. The multi-talented film actor, producer and director shares his story in Between Heaven and Hollywood: Chasing Your God-Given Dream. It’s part biography, part advice column, part pep rally as White encourages us to pursue the destiny God has called us to, whatever that may be.

From the Kansas wheat fields to the bright lights of L.A., White uses his story to illustrate that God has a unique plan for everyone, conceived long before we were. He gives us insightful advice on how to go after the desires God has given us, dodging fear and doubt while shielded by the promises inscribed in the Word of God. He further warns us that while there’s a time to push ahead against the roadblocks, sometimes we need to slow down and re-evaluate our dreams in light of God’s will.

I read this book in the course of one evening, which I don’t recommend doing unless you’re primarily reading it for a review; lessons like these really needs to be digested over time. I have to say that I was expecting more to the biographical portions than there actually was – they mostly serve as introductions to his life advice. I found myself thinking that he ought to make a movie about his testimony. What I can’t argue with is White’s sound theological positions on God’s will, guidance, and goodness. He is able to recognize the mistakes he made in the past and caution us against them without coming off as preachy.

Whether you’re looking for a nudge in the right direction, or a kick in the seat of the pants, Between Heaven And Hollywood promises us that if we seek God first, everything we do will prosper. It doesn’t necessarily follow that it will look the way we believe it ought to, but we will not be disappointed if we align our desires with His.


Released: October 25, 2016

Publisher: Zondervan; Gld edition

Genre: Biography/Non-Fiction/Inspirational

Pages: 192

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