Central Music ‘Hope Rising’

///Central Music ‘Hope Rising’

Central Music ‘Hope Rising’

Written by: Laura Chambers (November 6, 2017)

Just as Christ was resurrected from the dead, so hope stirs to life again in our souls when we allow ourselves to believe in His goodness. Central Music’s Hope Rising reminds us that initially placing our confidence in God revives our languishing faith, supporting and strengthening it.

“Only Like You” identifies Jesus as the God spoken of in the Bible, the One who comes into our midst. There is nobody else who matches that description. He is big enough to create the entire universe, yet cares for the smallest of our needs. His name dispels falsehoods and awakens us from spiritual fatigue. “You Move” affirms that God is always present with us whether we feel Him or not. He shows us the bigger picture when we don’t have a clear idea of what He’s doing. “Eyes On Heaven” marvels at God thinking of us before we existed, and at Jesus considering us even as He died. We pray that we trust God’s promises whatever may come, looking to heaven always and remembering to focus on Him. He restores broken things and brings beauty into our lives. The song’s bridge borrows portions of the Lord’s prayer.

“For Your Glory” discards everything standing in between God and us and seeks welcome in His arms. In order that He might be glorified, we give Him everything we have. He goes beyond meeting our needs, recreating us. “You’re Forever” speaks of the power God wields. He is eternal and cannot be disturbed or dethroned. God outlasts all earthly powers, time, storms, and even our own ability to persevere. We can count on Him throughout all of these moments.  The title track “Hope Rising” declares where our hope springs from; the presence of God, who restores and heals us. We bring Him our deficiencies and He shows us what we couldn’t begin to imagine; a future of promise and renewal springing forth from the One who created us for Himself.

“God With Us” worships the God who came to live among us. He is the sacrifice that atones for our sins, the word of God made flesh, love come down to rescue us from the prison of sin. “Psalm 23” doesn’t deviate from the titular Scripture passage in any appreciable way. The chorus centers on our being followed by (God’s) goodness and love, which I suppose that the benefits of having God shepherd us are evidences of. “Refuge” recognizes that God accompanies us whether we feel alone traveling through the shadows. We can find sanctuary in the love of God, and although we know He will not fail us, we must still learn to trust Him. Being sustained by Him inspires our worship as we make our way homeward. Because we know He’s with us, we won’t fear. “You Made A Way” recalls the way Jesus mercifully intervened on our behalves by releasing us from the consequences of our sins. May everything that happens to us, win or lose, remind us of His sacrifice regardless. This is probably the standout track on the album; whether that’s because it’s the final one or was placed last due to this is a matter of opinion.

Despite not possessing any particularly sonically memorable tracks, Hope Rising manages to hold its own. Central Music encourages believers by giving words to our gratitude and thereby reminding us what we have to be grateful for in the first place; mercy, grace, power, and love, all ours through Christ.


Released: November 17, 2017

Label: Dream Worship

Track Listing:

  1. Only Like You 4:03
  2. You Move 3:45
  3. Eyes on Heaven 4:47
  4. For Your Glory 4:28
  5. You’re Forever 6:21
  6. Hope Rising 5:12
  7. God With Us 3:46
  8. Psalm 23 4:48
  9. Refuge 6:12
  10. You Made A Way 5:19

10 Tracks, 49:00

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