Written by: Kelly Meade (06/09/21)

Singer/songwriter Crowder brings his unique, genre blending sound to the new album Milk & Honey. The highly anticipated release features what has become Crowder’s signature style as well as collaborations with artists who have been making waves in Christian music the past couple of years.

The album opens with “Good God Almighty”, a song that quickly became a hit among listeners. Its lyrics offer praise for all of the ways that God shows His mercy and love through everything we encounter in this life.

“He Is” acknowledges that Jesus is the answer to find our hope, rest, peace & strength. Nothing else we chase after will truly satisfy and fill the void in our hearts other than a real relationship with Him.

Title track “Milk & Honey” paints a picture of Heaven and the hope that awaits in our eternal home. The lyrics also inspire a prayer for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

“God Really Loves Us” featuring Dante Bowe & Maverick City Music, reminds us of the blessings and grace God has lavished on us as our Heavenly Father. This ballad stands out with its emotionally moving piano arrangement & choir-like backing vocals.

“Glory, Glory (God Is Able)” is reminiscent of a classic gospel hymn proclaiming God’s grace & faithfulness with a hand-clapping anthem.

“Hallelujah For Every Broken Heart” is definitely my favorite on the album! The words bring to mind & expand upon 1 Thessalonians 5:16 which reads: “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” While it doesn’t mean everything we experience will be pleasant, it does mean that we will never have to face anything alone and we can still praise God through the trials knowing that He is using them to refine us & create something more.

Closing track, “The Anchor”, tells of the steadfast hope & faithfulness of our Savior we can cling to in the face of every storm.

Throughout Milk & Honey Crowder’s uniqueness shines with each song vocally and on the production level as well. As you listen to the album, you hear a musically diverse collection that features something for everyone all while maintaining a solid focus on a relationship with our Creator on a deeply personal level.

Rating: 4.3/5

Released: June 11, 2021

Label: sixsteps Records/Sparrow

Track Listing:

1. Good God Almighty (3:11)
2. In The House (2:59)
3. He Is (3:46)
4. Milk & Honey (3:46)
5. Higher Power (feat. Hulvey) (2:57)
6. Sweet Jesus (feat. Maverick City Music) (3:10)
7. God Really Loves Us (feat. Dante Bowe & Maverick City Music) (4:23)
8. Who’s Gonna Stop The King? (3:00)
9. Better Than Sunshine (3:20)
10. Glory, Glory (God Is Able) (2:59)
11. Hallelujah For Every Broken Heart (3:43)
12. The Anchor (4:27)

12 Tracks, 42:00

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