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Written by: Kelly Meade (4/8/19)

American Idol alum Danny Gokey has solidified his place in modern Christian music with his soulful vocals and songs that spread joy while inspiring listeners to find their strength through faith in Christ. This message continues to ring clear with his latest release, Haven’t Seen It Yet.

“New Day” sets the tone for the album as the upbeat anthem celebrates the gift of each day surrounded by the mercies of God knowing that in Him we are free to live an abundant life full of hope and the love of our Savior.

“Love God Love People” strips away the the pressures and unneeded stresses that we place upon ourselves when we overcomplicate things in our faith and begin to feel that we can’t “do” enough to earn God’s love when all He asks is for us to love Him & share His love with others as we honor Him with our lives.

Title track, “Haven’t Seen It Yet”, encourages listeners to never give up on God and His promises while we experience seasons of waiting or times of feeling as though our prayers go unanswered. We must never lose hope and trust in God’s faithfulness to carry us through to exactly where we’re meant to be.

“Wanted” reminds us of our worth in the eyes of the Lord and just how much He cares as He desires to have a relationship with us. It can be so easy to feel unloved or like nothing we do will ever be enough, but our Heavenly Father will never abandon us.

“Fighter” boldly declares that no matter what this world tries to throw at us, we can stand strong in the Lord and He will remain by our side through it all as we trust in Him.

“Better Because Of It” shines a light into the darkness we feel when everything appears to be falling apart around us. Sometimes we can’t see past the pain, difficulties and challenges that test our faith to the limits, but we can find rest in the fact that God already knows the outcome, He is with us and somehow what we see as a mess, He will use to make us stronger.

“Tell Somebody”, featuring Mandisa, recognizes the importance of Christians putting their faith into action reaching out to others with words and deeds to share the message of Jesus and what He has done in your life.

As a whole, Haven’t Seen It Yet offers a collection of music full of hope that will lift your spirit and shift the focus from the earthly struggles we all face back to the One who is able to ease our burdens. With our sights set firmly on God He will help us navigate through the unknown future ahead.


Released: April 12, 2019

Label: Capitol Christian

Track Listing:

  1. New Day (3:30)
  2. Love God Love People (feat. Michael W. Smith) (3:07)
  3. Haven’t Seen It Yet (4:04)
  4. Wanted (3:56)
  5. Finish Strong (2:45)
  6. No Pressure (3:34)
  7. Fighter (3:21)
  8. Undertow (3:56)
  9. More Than I Could Be (3:15)
  10. Better Because Of It (4:00)
  11. Craziest Things (2:50)
  12. Tell Somebody (feat. Mandisa) (4:16)
  13. Haven’t Seen It Yet (Asher Postman Remix) (3:09)

13 Tracks, 45:43

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