Written by: Kelly Meade (2/26/2017)

For several years, Bill & Gloria Gaither have brought together some of the biggest names in Southern Gospel music for their Gaither Homecoming albums & DVD’s. The latest in the series, Give The World A Smile and Sweeter As The Days Go By, continue that tradition. The albums and their accompanying live performance DVD’s, each sold separately, feature artists such as Gaither Vocal Band, The Nelons, Stan Whitmire, Bradley Walker, Gordon Mote, Jeff & Sherri Easter, The Oak Ridge Boys, Goodman Revival, The Gatlin Brothers and many more.

Give The World A Smile includes such standards as “There Is Power In The Blood (featuring Angela Primm)”, an instrumental of “I’ve Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart (featuring Stan Whitmire)” & “Pass Me Not O Gentle Savior (featuring Lynd Randle and Michael English)”.

One of the stand-out tracks, Bradley Walker’s performance of “Leave It There”, tells of giving over your burdens and worries to the Lord and trusting Him to carry you through.

The timely lyrics of “Love Is The Golden Rule”, sung by Gordon Mote, reminds us that in this broken, hurting world, the commandment to love one another is as important now as it has ever been as we live our lives and point those around us in the direction of God’s redeeming grace.

“Does Jesus Care”, featuring Ben Isaacs, Mark Lowry, Bill Gaither & Russ Taff, points out that Jesus cares about everything we go through. From the highest highs to the lowest lows, He is right there with us in every detail.

Sweeter As The Days Goes By similarly offers a collection of music to lift listener’s spirits.

Among my favorite tracks, the Gaither Vocal Band’s version of “You’ve Got A Friend” stands out with Bill Gaither’s unmistakable voice & the harmony of other band members.

The Booth Brothers wonderful performance of “It Is No Secret” is a simple, acoustic rendition that allows the emotion of the powerful lyrics to shine as it shares the message of a loving Savior.

“I Do Believe” by Ernie Haase and Signature Sound recognizes that we all go through seasons of questions and doubt, but we have a Father in Heaven Who is ready and willing listen to us when we seek Him and will reassure us of His presence.

A unique thing about the Gaither Homecoming series and what has made them endearing over the years is getting to hear so many artists on one recording as they join in praise & worship singing classic hymns as well as original tracks. If you love Southern Gospel, these uplifting songs with signature harmonies and toe-tapping rhythms are sure to brighten your day.


Released: February 24, 2017

Label: Spring House Records

Track Listing:

Give The World A Smile:

  1. There Is Power In The Blood (featuring Angela Primm) (Live) (3:57)
  2. Give The World A Smile (Live) (1:44)
  3. I Just Can’t Make It By Myself (featuring The Nelons) (Live) (3:10)
  4. Child Of The King (featuring Gene McDonald, Mike Allen) (Live) (2:49)
  5. I’ve Got That Old Time Religion In My Heart (featuring Stan Whitmire) (Live) (1:46)
  6. Close To Thee (featuring Reggie & Ladye Love Smith, Joyce Martin Sanders, Angela Primm, Amber Nelon Clark, Wesley Pritchard) (Live) (4:02)
  7. Working On A Building (featuring Gaither Vocal Band) (Live) (3:21)
  8. This Ole House (featuring Colet Selwyn) (Live) (2:10)
  9. Love At Home (featuring Kim Hopper, Joyce Martin Sanders, Shane McConnell) (Live) (4:41)
  10. Mary Don’t You Weep (featuring The Martin Family Circus) (Live) (2:57)
  11. In The Sweet Forever (Live) (2:59)
  12. Leave It There (featuring Bradley Walker) (Live) (3:44)
  13. I See A Crimson Stream (featuring The Jim Brady Trio) (live) (4:22)
  14. Revive Us Again (featuring Buddy Greene, Reggie Smith, Charlotte Ritchie) (Live) (4:16)
  15. On The Banks Of The Promised Land (featuring Karen Peck & New River) (Live) (3:58)
  16. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be (featuring Mitchel Jon) (Live) (4:01)
  17. Love Is The Golden Rule (featuring Gordon Mote) (Live) (4:30)
  18. Does Jesus Care (featuring Ben Isaacs, Mark Lowry, Bill Gaither, Russ Taff) (Live) (5:44)
  19. Sinner Saved By Grace (featuring Gene McDonald, Adam Crabb) (Live) (5:11)
  20. Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior (featuring Lynda Randle, Michael English) (Live) (4:44)

20 Tracks, 75:00

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Sweeter As The Days Goes By:

  1. Promises One By One (Buddy Mullins & Shane McConnell) (Live) (3:23)
  2. Sweeter As The Days Go By (The Nelons, Sheri Easter, Wesley Pritchard, Angela Primm, Wes Hampton, Larnelle Harris, Joe Bonsall) (Live) (4:50)
  3. The Secret (Terry Blackwood & The Imperials) (Live) (3:46)
  4. You’ve Got A Friend (Bill Gaither & Todd Suttles) (Live) (4:18)
  5. Roses Will Bloom Again (Jeff & Sheri Easter) (Live) (4:17)
  6. It Is No Secret (Booth Brothers) (Live) (4:43)
  7. The Eastern Gate (Goodman Revival) (Live) (2:33)
  8. The Sweetest Song I Know (Goodman Revival, Russ Taff, Michael English) (Live) (4:14)
  9. Rest In You Tonight (The Oak Ridge Boys) (Live) (4:36)
  10. He Speaks To Me (Cynthia Clawson, Michael Sykes, Michael English) (Live) (3:32)
  11. At Calvary (The Collingsworth Family) (Live) (4:13)
  12. We’ll Understand It Better By And By (Amy Lambert, Shane McConnell, Lillie Knauls, Larnelle Harris) (Live) (5:13)
  13. Clean (The Gatlin Brothers) (Live) (4:36)
  14. But God (Larnelle Harris) (Live) (5:10)
  15. I Do Believe (Ernie Haase & Signature Sound) (Live) (4:22)
  16. When God Seems So Near (Layke Jones, Autumn Nelon Clark, Brooklyn Collingsworth Blair) (Live) (3:46)
  17. We’ll Talk It Over (Gaither Vocal Band) (Live) (4:30)

17 Tracks, 72:00

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