Written by: Laura Chambers (March 6, 2024)

Sometimes we make surrender way more complicated than it needs to be. We think it requires a series of steps,
boxes checked off, surefire methods as prescribed by influencers and authors, and the like. That’s if we think we
need to surrender at all. It can be difficult to relinquish control; we think nobody but us can handle all the chaos of
our day-to-day existence (and barely).

What freedom there is in realizing that God can enliven the deserted wastelands if we place our lives in His hands. What joy to feel the release of our heavy burdens onto the shoulders of One who is well able to carry them. In Sacred Surrender, Jaime Jamgochian celebrates the beauty of giving God everything and watching what unfolds.

In “Gonna Be Good”, Jaime expresses her belief that God is going to do something good in her life. She draws upon
her past experiences of His faithfulness, confident that when circumstances looks bad, it just means His work in her
life is incomplete. We need only look back at His past goodness to trust that the future is full of blessings, provision,
and miracles.

“You’re Still Here” assures us that God is present at all times, in every environment or mood. He is a constant,
unchanging, powerful God, whose consistency enables us to draw comfort in times of emotional, physical, mental
and spiritual upheaval. When we lay down our plans for our lives, our vision becomes clearer, His presence more

“If God Wrote A Song” imagines what kind of lyric God would pen; one filled with peace, love, and truth, a glorious
serenade washing over the hearts of the people He loves. Jaime collaborates with Joseph Habedank for a perfect duet
that encourages listeners to discover the God of whom they sing.

“Release” encourages us to unburden ourselves of our worries and desires. When we entrust our cares to God, the
relief of not having to haul them around ourselves, or decide what happens next, is overwhelming. We are free to
dream and hope when we’re not shackled to uncertainty and dread.

“Visions” prophecies the turning of hearts toward the Lord, beginning with the singers. Jaime and guest vocalist
Andrew Holt dedicate their lives to reaching others with the same love they’ve encountered, looking forward to the
promise of Jesus’ return. Their voices mesh in harmony with each other, drawing listeners into agreement.

Next, Jaime, accompanied by Citizen Way, first asks God to speak and show Himself in “Holy”, then praises Him
for always moving and communicating. He is the God of the past, present, and future, and His spirit performs
miracles, both everyday and extraordinary.

“Our Father” is a confession of being unable to hear God sometimes, and feeling inadequate for the challenges of
life. Selah and Jaime collaborate on a declaration of a truth more powerful than our fears and feelings. Above every
desire and prayer, may His will be accomplished, and may He help us to cling to Him in spite of our circumstances.

Ginny Owens joins Jaime for a song of tender devotion, “By Heart”, in which they recall nights of praying, crying
and desperation, and how God has answered their longings. They assure listeners, both from studying the Scriptures
and their personal experiences with God, that He is faithful and will comfort them in their distress.

“Loved And Not Alone” laments the fear, brokenness, and abandonment that marks a life in our imperfect world. Yet
we are not without hope; God cherishes us and is a constant presence. It is that truth which can buoy us through the
dark, lonely moments. We can take comfort in it, even though we don’t understand why and how He’s working.

Lastly, “Sacred Surrender” is exactly what the title proclaims; a determined outpouring of everything Jaime
possesses, fully aware of the cost and the benefits of doing so. The song then switches to the voice of God, assuring
us that He can and will heal us by the power of His blood. Jaime then leads us to praise our Holy God.

Truly, there is something holy about pouring out our praise and our problems to God. He is worthy of the former and
greater than the latter. Jaime Jamgochian reminds us that hope for the future is not blind optimism where God is
concerned, nor is submission cowardly. Sacred Surrender satisfies the yearning of our hearts with good news; God is
strong, faithful and loving.


Released: March 22, 2024

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

  1. Gonna Be Good (3:40)
  2. You’re Still Here (3:18)
  3. If God Wrote A Song (with Joseph Habedank) (3:14)
  4. Release (4:23)
  5. Visions (with Andrew Holt) (4:02)
  6. Coming Back Again (Holy, Holy, Holy) (with Citizen Way) (4:21)
  7. Our Father (with Selah) (4:09)
  8. By Heart (with Ginny Owens) (3:28)
  9. Loved and Not Alone (3:28)
  10. Sacred Surrender (9:30)

10 Tracks, 43:00

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