Written by: Laura Chambers (8/30/2017)

What has kept you from chasing the dreams God has placed on your heart? While some people may have legitimate reasons for not doing so – noble ones like sacrificing for the sake of others – a lot of the excuses we give are rooted in fear. Fear that we’ll be rejected, mess up, or make a fool of ourselves. Fear that maybe we’re not hearing God correctly after all. Dejected, we crawl back into the shadows and do what’s familiar and safe. Or do we? Jasmine Murray shares her struggles and her triumphs in Fearless, daring us to choose the things that scare us most, because we have a sacred weapon to bring to the fight.

“No Other Love” joyfully describes the many virtues of God’s love – His forbearance, caring, and the way He heals our broken hearts. His love is expansive, far beyond our limited understanding, and unlike any other in the level of sacrifice He was willing to make. We can’t escape a love determined to pursue us. “Fearless” depicts the ongoing struggle with persistent fears that re-emerge every day. When we recall that God has given us the power to defeat our doubts, we can face them with a fearless spirit, trusting in and calling upon Him. “Into Words” slows down the pace, tenderly ruminating on the inability to find a word that describes God’s splendor or strength fully. The undeserved gifts He gives inspires devotion and remind us just how great He truly is.

In “Who You Love”, Murray confesses her fear to come to God without cleaning herself up first, something we all suffer from. Yet she recognizes that He doesn’t require us to do so; instead, He accepts us as we are, damage, stains, and all. He wants to be the one to heal us. Who we are, how we are, or what we’re becoming doesn’t make Him love us more or less. She prays in “Closer” that God will decrease the distance between her and Him. We can’t continue to remain as we are; our relationship with God must continue to grow. “You Belong” closes with an encouragement to those who feel like they’re on the outside looking in, fearful of revealing their true selves, as it might be their undoing. They are not left out of God’s kingdom. We can be our true selves when we walk out of the shadows and towards His light.

Whether restrained by an awareness of our own flaws or lack of understanding, the time has come to break free of anything other than God’s perspective. Jasmine Murray gets real in Fearless, delivering a quick pep talk/confessional that encourages and empathizes.


Released: September 15, 2017

Label: Fair Trade Services

Track Listing:

  1. Closer (3:03)
  2. Fearless (3:03)
  3. Into Words (3:47)
  4. No Other Love (3:28)
  5. Who You Love (3:13)

5 Tracks, 17:00

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