Written by: Laura Chambers (2/3/15)

Out on the open water. Into the fiery furnace. Away from the land of Egypt. Into the valley of the shadow of death. Throughout history, God has beckoned His people to follow Him through these and more with the promise of His presence to guide them. We have to be willing to follow Him anywhere, anytime, even if we are the only ones who do. The secret is when we realize that our strength isn’t going to get us anywhere; we haven’t “got this”, He does; it’s not “in the bag”, it’s in His hands.

The message of I Will Follow is that our role has always been and should always be to follow our leader. “Living Word” boldly declares Jeremy’s devotion to God’s word. There is no better foundation for our lives than the one thing that outlasts all else. We need to listen to what His word says and do it. “I Will Follow (You Are With Me)” exemplifies the kind of dedication we need to have in spite of lies and circumstances. The kind that pursues God’s will even when everything seems to indicate we should turn back and choose our own direction. Our struggles are not for nothing. “He Knows” comforts us with the knowledge that there is nothing we can suffer that Christ does not understand. He’s been there before, and He longs to carry our pain for us, if only we’ll look to Him. “Finally Home” looks forward to coming home and being with Christ for all eternity. It kind of reminds me of those summery TV commercial “good times” songs, but with a little more hope; the promise that it, unlike summer, never has to end. “Christ in Me” exposes the emptiness of our pursuits apart from Christ. They only weigh us down, but if we release our vanities, we are freed to shine and love for and like Him.

“‘Til The End” vows not to give up on God, despite the way everything around us seems to be disintegrating. Because Jesus walks before us and has already defeated death and sin, there is no power in it to have a lasting effect on us. We can therefore defy every discouragement. “Can’t Be Moved” seems especially appropriate for Superbowl Sunday (yes, I am writing this review today. DE-FENSE!) A perfect resolute chant with a bit of blues declaring that we who put our trust in God cannot be shaken along with the rest of the world. We stand on His promises and won’t give in for anything.

“Only In You” assures us that everything we require can only come from God. Healing, hope, rest, and life are His to give us alone. The chorus is simple but imparts a truth we need to hear often. “Same Power” is a message for us in our weakest times, when we don’t feel as if we can last one minute longer; we have access to His strength whenever we need it! It is living in us from the moment we accept Christ as Saviour. “We Are The Dreamers” envisions the world waking up and breaking free to live victorious, hope-filled lives. What a different place we would live in if revival spread worldwide and our voices all praised God, drowning out the lies and fear. In “Here I Am”, Jeremy calls on God to pull him deeper into relationship with Him. Before we can experience more of His presence, we must deliberately choose to trust Him; surrender to His leading and we will be released from our attachment to the world. The deluxe edition contains 5 bonus tracks.

“Spirit Now” powerfully asks God to send the Holy Spirit to work in and through our lives. He does a really nice job with this one, putting desperation and need in every word he sings. “Be Still” gently expresses what we are supposed to remember when we are tempted to scramble and strive amidst the struggles. All God wants us to do is remember that He is still Lord and available whenever we need Him. “Perfect Love” encourages us to come to God when we’re afraid for the future. The beautiful thing about our trials is that they give us more depth of character and devotion to God if we focus on His faithful love and not the uncertainties. The last two tracks are acoustic versions of “He Knows” and “Here I Am”.

With a voice full of raw love, craving, longing, and hope, Jeremy Camp’s desire couldn’t be any clearer; to follow and surrender wholly to the leading of the Lord. I Will Follow seems to ask an unspoken question in every line; will you?

Released: February 3, 2015

Label: Sparrow Records

Track Listing:

  1. Living Words (3:25)
  2. I Will Follow (You Are With Me) (3:00)
  3. He Knows (3:28)
  4. Finally Home (3:39)
  5. Christ In Me (3:31)
  6. ‘Til The End (3:02)
  7. Can’t Be Moved (3:03)
  8. Only In You (3:50)
  9. Same Power (4:37)
  10. We Are The Dreamers (3:21)
  11. Here I Am (3:54)
  12. Spirit Now (4:08)*
  13. Be Still (5:02)*
  14. Perfect Love (4:04)*
  15. He Knows (Acoustic) (3:21)*
  16. Here I Am (Acoustic) (3:36)*

11 Tracks, 38:54 (Standard Edition) 16 Tracks, 59:01 (Deluxe Edition)*

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