Written by: Kelly Meade (02/07/2020)

Known as a founding member of the JJ Weeks Band, JJ Weeks has released his first solo project with the Radiate Music label. The Sound of Freedom EP is a 6-song collection of inspiring, Christ centered tracks

The EP opens with the title cut, “The Sound of Freedom”, an upbeat celebration of the freedom we have in Jesus through His sacrifice and victory over the grave – a victory that is passed on to believers giving us redemption from the past & the ability to win the battle against sin.

“Choices” finds someone seeking God’s guidance as they live out their faith in every aspect of life allowing decisions to be made from a firm foundation of a relationship with our Heavenly Father.

One of my personal favorite songs on this project, “Here With Me” is a prayer to be reassured of God’s faithfulness to keep his promises and His closeness as we journey through the difficult storms that shake us to our core.

“I Need Jesus” acknowledges the importance of including Jesus in your daily routines – not only when things start going downhill, but in every moment. When we feel overwhelmed, when we’re full of joy, when we’re facing our fears and when we’re relaxing with loved ones, we should always be aware of His presence.

“Days Like These” closes with another stand out track. The lyrics serve as a prayer reiterating God’s promises while remembering times He has provided and carried you through.

With The Sound of Freedom, JJ Weeks accomplishes much in 20 minutes. Solid vocal performances throughout, well arranged music that accompanies heart touching lyrics drawing the listener into the message. From start to finish, this EP captures your attention and calls you to reflect on your relationship with God, focusing on His power and unwavering love.


Released: February 7, 2020

Label: Radiate Music

Track Listing:

1. The Sound of Freedom (3:08)

2. Got This Feeling (3:19)

3. Choices (2:39)

4. Here With Me (4:14)

5. I Need Jesus (3:03)

6. Days Like These (3:38)

6 Tracks, 20:00

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