Written by: Laura Chambers (7/5/2018)

Martin Smith’s first live solo album, Love Song For A City, has actually been recorded in several cities and countries worldwide: one per song. From Belgium to Brazil, Argentina to Australia, the message is clear; God is God, all over the world.

“Love Song For A City” serves as an introduction to the album, a benediction for the listeners, wherever they are in the world.

“Come Holy Spirit” pleads with the spirit of God to ignite a flame of passion in the hearts of those seeking Him. God’s will, Christ’s kingdom, and the Spirit’s ability to unify believers all contribute to this re-kindling.

“Leap Of Faith” surrenders all fearfulness and next steps, trusting God to reach out His arms and catch us before we hit the ground. He never fails us no matter how many times we need to be rescued. The track features a spoken word performance by Holly Roe, in which evidence of God’s power is shown to be all around us.

“God’s Great Dance Floor” invites believers to dance in celebration of a God who’s never finished with us, no matter what. Our next starts now – we are more alive than ever before.

“Waiting Here For You/Majesty” combines two powerful songs together to create a picture of God’s presence requested, received, and revealed. Elle Limebear is a featured vocalist on this track.

“The Chains Falling” takes a quiet moment to declare the freedom washing over those gathered in worship.

“Song Of Solomon” pictures Jesus as the lover of our souls, come just in time to be our solace in the dark places. He will immediately come to comfort us until the end of our trials. At the end of the track, there’s a brief reprise of the first, reminding us that this song is for everyone together and each one of us individually.

“Emmanuel/Behold” acknowledges God’s presence in present and past moments of difficulty. It is both all we require for comfort, and always what we’ve experienced. Even our wounds praise Him, because we survived.

“Forever Yours” marvels that God can hold onto the universe and still care for us personally. Moved by that revelation, there’s no sense in maintaining anything between us. Recorded in Argentina, the song’s refrain is repeated in Spanish.

“I Will Sing” prays for God to rescue us from our sorrow, shame and fear. In faith, we will praise Him even as we suffer, knowing His mercy is coming with the morning. Whether we hear His voice or not, we will rejoice because we love Him and know He’s close to us. We have forever to praise His name.

“Jesus, Only You” declares Jesus to be the only one who releases us from our chains and rescues us from the dungeon of sin. We were created to worship the one we love more than any other, and we will forever be devoted to Him. More Spanish lyrics for Colombia this time.

“Veni, Sancte Spiritus” is an instrumental track whose title is the Latin translation of the second song. Perhaps a moment where we worship in our own words, or just mull over all that we have heard and proclaimed.

“Ecclesiastes” utilizes that classic passage from that book of the Bible to illustrate that everything has its appointed time to occur. Underscored by the sound of a clock ticking, we are encouraged to sing as we follow God towards whatever is to come, our hand in His.

Martin Smith brings God’s love to the multitudes all over the world with this compilation of worship songs from the past fourteen years. Love Song For A City summons believers together to raise our voices in victory and praise.


Released: July 13, 2018

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Love Song For A City (Recorded in Antwerp, Belgium) (1:47)
  2. Come Holy Spirit (Recorded in San Diego, CA) (6:15)
  3. Leap Of Faith (feat. Holly Roe; Recorded in Haarlem, Holland (7:55)
  4. God’s Great Dance Floor (Recorded in Singapore) (4:55)
  5. Waiting Here For You/Majesty (feat. Elle Limebear; Recorded in Cape Town, South Africa) (8:10)
  6. The Chains Falling (Recorded in Edmonton, Canada) (2:17)
  7. Song of Solomon (Recorded in São Paulo, Brazil) (7:05)
  8. Emmanuel/Behold (Then Sings My Soul) (Recorded in Sydney, Australia) (5:29)
  9. Forever Yours (Recorded in Córdoba, Argentina) (5:05)
  10. I Will Sing (Recorded in Cape Town, South Africa) (6:50)
  11. Jesus Only You (feat. Elle Limebear; Recorded in Bogota, Colombia) (8:48)
  12. Veni, Sancte Spiritus (Instrumental) (Recorded in Johannesburg, South Africa) (3:11)
  13. Ecclesiastes (Recorded in Manchester, UK) (5:37)

13 Tracks, 73:24

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