Written By: Laura Chambers (July 22, 2022)

The human attention span tends to wane quickly, more so than ever these days due to the hectic pace of life and myriad distractions clamoring for our attention. As difficult as it is to maintain focus on the truly important things, we must nevertheless strive to make time for them. The Turning pulls us towards the light of God as surely as flowers are drawn to sunlight, growing towards the source of life and strength, and bids us bask in His glory for a moment.

“Home” expresses gratitude that we are always welcome to return to God. We are exactly where we belong – at peace, in awe, at home in His presence.

“You Remain” reminds us that everything we experience is temporary and fleeting, but underneath, afterwards, and from beginning to end, Jesus is our constant companion. There is eternal value in giving our all to His service, to laying down our treasures at His feet, rather than holding on and holding back. Every pain, every triumph has a higher purpose.

“Our Story” is written in the first person from Jesus’ point of view. It’s a tender, gentle entreaty to a lost and broken soul, speaking of love and comfort that can be theirs if they seek shelter in His arms.

“You Gave” paints a picture of Jesus as one who is not daunted or challenged by the depth of our depravity, or the extent of our brokenness. He is not put off by the opinions of others or swayed by the need to protect His own reputation. He chooses people who have nothing to offer Him but themselves.

“The Lens Of Your Son” explains that God looks at believers and sees what Jesus has done for us, not what we have done or failed to do. He trades His perfection for our inadequacy, His righteousness for our shame. We are covered by grace, and He considers us His treasures.

“Twenty Four Seven” lifts unending worship and gratitude to a God who is higher and greater than any other. Praising Him is our highest calling and greatest passion.

“Adoration” proclaims what makes Jesus worthy of our worship. From the compassion He had on us when we were far from Him to the suffering and humiliation He endured to bring about our deliverance. We didn’t deserve His mercy, but He granted it just the same. All we can do is give ourselves to Him.

“For My Good” ends on a note of confidence that Jesus is making everything come out in a way that will benefit us. He knows where we’re going and He’s the one who unlocks the doors. We can trust Him with every curve life throws at us. He’s in charge, and we give Him the credit when He makes something good from our trials.

The pull of God on our hearts becomes irresistible when we remind ourselves why He deserves our worship. The Turning is an invitation to consider His holiness, love, mercy, power, and glory; a gentle tap on the shoulder, a welcoming smile, a saved seat, a square of earth to sink down roots into.


Released: July 29, 2022

Label: Dream Worship

Track Listing:

  1. Home (4:41)
  2. You Remain (feat. Elyssa Smith) [Live] (6:08)
  3. Our Story (feat. Chris Shealy) (5:48)
  4. You Gave (feat. Abbie Gamboa) [Live] (8:54)
  5. Lens Of Your Son (4:56)
  6. Twenty-Four Seven (feat. Aiva Jenkins) [Live] (10:08)
  7. Adoration (feat. Elyssa Smith) [Live] (6:27)
  8. For My Good (feat. Aiva Jenkins & Eniola Abioye) [Live] (5:04)

8 Tracks, 52:00

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