Written by: Kelly Meade (1/31/2016)

Over the years, Newsboys have brought their brand of rock worship to listeners all over the world. Through countless tours, albums & several band member changes, the band has continued to spread the message of salvation with their music. God’s Not Dead: The Greatest Hits of the Newsboys is a collection of some of the most well-loved songs from their illustrious career.

The inspiring anthem “God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)” kicks off the album with the powerful declaration that we serve a living God. One Who gives us the courage to stand up for what we believe in and not be ashamed to live a life that points others to Him.

The modern worship songs “Your Love Never Fails”, “Mighty To Save” & “Revelation Song” each have a place on this album.

Long-time fans will recognize the Peter Furler era tunes “Something Beautiful”, “I Am Free” & mega hit “Wherever We Go”.

Another Furler-lead vocal, “In The Hands of God”, is also included. This song reminds us that in His hands, we find hope, rest for the weary, true peace, freedom from our sins and strength to carry on. We need only to trust, believe and repent.

The closing track, “In Wonder”, praises the magnificence of God in appreciation for all that He has created and every blessing He has given us.

While it would have been interesting to hear a new track, remixes or perhaps even a new recording of a classic Newsboys song with Michael Tait singing lead included on this album, you can’t deny the passion & creative nuances that is the sound of Newsboys music.

Released: February 12, 2016 Label: Inpop Records

Track Listing:

  1. God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion) (4:19)**
  2. Born Again (3:11)**
  3. Your Love Never Fails (3:39)**
  4. Something Beautiful (3:52)*
  5. Mighty To Save (4:14)**
  6. I Am Free (3:37)*
  7. In The Hands Of God (4:19)*
  8. Save Your Life (3:02)**
  9. Revelation Song (4:50)**
  10. The King Is Coming (4:47)**
  11. Wherever We Go (3:28)*
  12. In Wonder (4:13)*

*Peter Furler on Lead Vocals **Michael Tait on Lead Vocals 12 Tracks, 47:31 Buy on iTunes

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*John James led Newsboys **Peter Furler led Newsboys ***Michael Tait led Newsboys

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