Written by: Kelly Meade (2/24/2016)

With the release of Love Riot, Christian rockers Newsboys are poised to continue their successful run of releasing music that sparks a fire of faith in the hearts of listeners everywhere.

The faith empowering anthem “Crazy” kicks off the album with a boldly states that even though the world may view belief & trust in God as something strange and abnormal, that shouldn’t detour us from living life for Him.

“Hero” is full of grateful worship to Jesus recognizing that He is the only reason we are pardoned from our sins through His sacrifice, acknowledging that we are to glorify Him with each day we’re given.

The title track, “Love Riot”, calls on believers to start a revolution of love in this broken world. By spreading the message of salvation and allowing God to work through us, even the smallest acts of kindness can start a wave that can turn the tides in your neighborhood and beyond.

Serving as the theme song for the upcoming Pure Flix movie, God’s Not Dead 2, “Guilty” proclaims that no matter what tries to get in the way of living out your faith, even in the face of imprisonment or death, you strive to stand firm, unashamed in your belief in God.

“No Longer Slaves” celebrates the freedom found in a relationship with God. By choosing to believe and place your trust in Him, you become a child of God and no longer have to be bound to fear or the weight of sin that drags you down.

“Committed” declares one’s allegiance to Jesus and pledges to trust in Him fully throughout their life.

The closing track, “What I Want Them To Say”, finds someone pondering their accomplishments and how they want to be remembered. It causes the listener to think about what really matters and the affect their actions have on those they come in contact with.

Complete with the hard hitting sounds & powerful vocals we’ve come to expect from the band, Love Riot is a welcome addition to all music collections.

Released: March 4, 2016

Label: Fairtrade Services

Track Listing:


  1. Crazy (3:02)
  2. Hero (3:48)
  3. Love Riot (3:34)
  4. Guilty (3:39)
  5. You Hold It All (4:00)
  6. No Longer Slaves (4:05)
  7. Family Of God (4:20)
  8. Committed (3:39)
  9. Earthquake (3:51)
  10. What I Want Them To Say (3:42)

10 Tracks, 36:20

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