Steven Curtis Chapman ‘Worship and Believe’ (Deluxe)

///Steven Curtis Chapman ‘Worship and Believe’ (Deluxe)

Written by: Lauren McLean (2/26/2016)

Legendary singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman has a new worship album that I know everyone would want to get their hands on. I’m not a huge worship music lover, but SCC’s new album Worship and Believe had me hooked from the first song. This 17-song deluxe edition album also includes 6 live versions of the songs, which makes it even better. Worship and Believe is an album that will leave you changed and wanting more of the Lord.

“Sing For You” is my personal favorite on Worship and Believe. Psalm 104:33 says, “I will sing to the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.” “Sing For You” is a happy and joyful little tune- such a simple song that has strong truth. Everything we do; no matter what it is, rather it be singing, dancing or any of our daily routine, we are supposed to do for the Lord. If your soul is feeling weary and you are needing a reminder of why you’re here on planet earth- just listen to “Sing for You” and I promise you your soul will thank you.

If you needed to be reminded of who you are in the Lord’s eyes, “Who You Say We Are” is your song. It is a song full of reminders of we are to the Lord. We all lose sight of who we are, some more than others, by the people around us. People of the television, social media, some times it could be our own family and friends that make us loose that sight. I’ve lost my sight a lot of times, but when I hear a song like “Who You Say We Are”, the real me comes back slowly and a little better than before.

Steven‘s first radio single, “Amen” off of Worship and Believe is one that will leave you dancing for joy. It is a celebration of all that Jesus has done for us; all that He calls us. We are loved by Jesus, we belong to Him and His grace is more than enough for us. Every now and then its great to hear a song with that good message in it; rather you’re in your car driving down the road and you’re having a hard time at the moment, or you’re getting off of work and you’ve had a bad day and you hear the lyrics to “Amen” and your soul will fill refreshed within minutes.

As I constantly said throughout this review, Worship and Believe is full of beautiful reminders of who we are to the Lord and why we are here. As I listened to every song on the record, I couldn’t help but love it more and more. I feel in love with the very first song to the very last one, and I know everyone who will listen to it will too. It’s not a letdown for sure – its a beautiful reminder everyone has to hear.

Released: March 4, 2016

Label: Essential Worship

Track Listing:

  1. We Believe (5:05)
  2. One True God (Feat. Chris Tomlin) (4:25)
  3. Amen (4:06)
  4. Hallelujah, You Are Good (Feat. Matt Maher) (3:30)
  5. More Than Conquerors (5:19)
  6. Sing For You (5:08)
  7. Who You Say You Are (5:32)
  8. The Body (4:21)
  9. King Of Love (5:28)
  10. We Are Listening (4:47)
  11. God Of Forever (4:25)
  12. We Believe (Live) (5:28)
  13. Sing For You (Live) (5:07)
  14. One True God (Live) (4:50)
  15. More Than Conquerors (Live) (5:26)
  16. Who You Say You Are (Live) (5:34)
  17. Amen (Live) (4:30)

17 Tracks, 83:10

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