Written by: Laura Chambers (8/17/2017)

Although nobody can deny the influence the Scriptures have had on our past, present, and future, the truth of its more outrageous claims are called into question by Christians and non-believers alike. Some doubt that the tales of sea waters parting and the dead being restored to life can possibly have a basis in fact, pointing to their scientific impossibility or unlikelihood. Others believe that although miracles happened while the books of the Bible were being written, they no longer occur today.

Open Heaven is here to declare that God is not limited to the rules of science, nor has He ceased to perform signs and wonders. He is both willing and able to act on our behalf by destroying obstacles and making a way in the wilderness of our despair. Miracle Maker is the voice of God’s people awaiting His blessings with expectation.

“For You” puts aside the things of the past and follows God with no intentions of returning. Our lives are now dedicated to Him, because Christ has changed our perspective and our destination. Nobody can remove the gladness His love fills us with. “Be Glorified” tells of God becoming man to rescue us from darkness. Even though we were enemies with nothing to offer, He was willing to sacrifice Himself for us anyway. May His kingdom be exalted by and through us. “What A Wonderful Savior” celebrates Jesus for His steadfastness and His persistent love. It’s always a great time to glorify Him, because He released us and pointed us in the right direction. “Miracle Maker” focuses on the miracles God has performed in our lives, from salvation to physical healing. The chorus entreats the Lord to bring sight to the blind and impart power from on high. We already have the victory when we remain in His presence.

“Oh Precious Jesus” enthrones Jesus above all of creation and every power in the world. We can see His glory in the night sky and are moved to declare Him holy. It’s a great reminder that He is higher than any trouble we might encounter in this life. “Creation” sees in the patterns and movements of the created world God’s love for us. He enlivens the dead with his breath and restores us with just a word. All of creation declares His holiness, and we’re not far behind in praising Him. God sets to right all that has been torn asunder, bringing beauty to the ugliness. “Heaven On Earth” allows God’s love to assume control of our lives, finding peace because of what He’s accomplished for us. Certain that we’ll watch His kingdom unfold, we’ll declare His word and go wherever He bids us, doing greater things than have ever been done before. Instead of hanging around waiting for His return, we’re actively working to advance His kingdom. “Without Fail” expresses the confident belief that God will never forsake those who belong to Him. He promised to deliver us, and we ought to live in a way that reflects His continual outpouring of blessings. We will neither be shaken or afraid.

“Won My Heart” proclaims that our hearts belong to God. He has won our affection through His strength, mercy, and forgiveness. Our worries are erased by a limitless supply of love. “Rock Of Ages” shows us taking shelter in the protection of a strong God and standing on His word. We are victorious in His might, which has the power to strike terror into death and evil. This hope will endure against every threat. “King Of Kings” compares God to torrents of water, crashing thunder, and a furious inferno in that none can defy their power and survive. He is on our side, and all we long for is Him. All will surrender and pronounce His Lordship. God is the King over every other. A spoken word piece within the track portrays a conversation between Jesus and one He has just redeemed, expressing the wonder of His gift and what He wants from us after we receive it. “Here With Us” concludes with a recognition of God’s presence that begins in a hushed tone as soft and natural as breathing, only to increase in volume and strength. He is Jesus, Emmanuel, God with us.

We can see the wonder of God’s power exhibited in the natural world; we can feel it blossom in our hearts. With anticipation and absolute confidence, we await the overflow of His spirit into our lives. Open Heaven glorifies the Miracle Maker, a God who has never ceased to perform the mighty deeds He is capable of. He is real, He is personal, and He is glorious.


Released: September 22, 2017

Label: Dream Records

Track Listing:

  1. For You – Live (3:34)
  2. Be Glorified – Live (3:27)
  3. Wonderful Savior – Live (3:55)
  4. Miracle Maker – Live (5:16)
  5. Oh Precious Jesus – Live (7:55)
  6. Creation – Live (5:47)
  7. Heaven On Earth – Live (3:14)
  8. Without Fail – Live (3:56)
  9. Won My Heart – Live (3:45)
  10. Rock of Ages – Live (4:36)
  11. King of Kings – Live (8:52)
  12. Here With Us – Live (5:24)

12 Tracks, 59:00

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