Written by: Laura Chambers (9/13/2017)

One of the biggest struggles facing children these days is the problem of defining one’s identity. Whether deflecting the negative labels people try to affix to them or questioning their role in the world, people have never been as confused about who they are or what their purpose is. Everything is called into question.

Like the tide crashing into the shore, the gospel has the power to alter the landscape of our lives, washing away the stains and labels, revealing the truth of who we are in Christ and renewing our strength. Tim Timmons hopes to show children who they are and what they have in his new album, Who I Am. Inspired by 10,000 Minutes, a movement he began two years ago, he encourages people to walk with the Lord during the part of the week that they’re not in church as well (specifically, 10,080 minutes in a week – 80 in church).

“Who I Am” looks forward to the life full of possibilities Jesus gives us. The very fact that we’re living another day is something worth celebrating. Fear doesn’t affect our choices when we remember who He says we are. “Reflections Of You” reminds us that our mission is to reflect the light of Jesus, guided by Him to love and help each other. It begins when we submit to Him and recognize our role in His kingdom. He keeps us balanced and leads us on paths that are far from boring. “A Beautiful Thing” rewords Psalm 139, speaking of God’s all-knowing, all-loving forbearance towards us. He keeps us through night and day, and thinks about us with tenderness. Nothing we do is beyond His forgiveness or grace.

“I Surrender” declares the awesome power of God’s love by encapsulating what it accomplished for all time. Timmons surrenders everything to the one who completed the seemingly impossible task of rewriting the end of the story. A little slower, and I could see Hillsong Young and Free covering this one. “I Will Follow You” recognizes the difficulty of proceeding ahead without being able to see what lays ahead, unless God goes before us, that is. He will never leave us to fend for ourselves; knowing that makes trusting Him easier. He continues to supply everything we require. “The Name Of Jesus” features Matt Hammitt of the band Sanctus Real, who also co-wrote the song. We get a glimpse of the power available to us when we invoke Jesus’ name, for it alone has the ability to bring life and victory.

“All I Really Want” is a song that was first included on Timmons’ album Awake Our Souls. It invites God to do His will in our lives in such a way that He can be seen all around, within, and welling up out of us. He is the only one we really desire, so it’s only natural to open up to Him and let Him purge our anxieties and light up the darkness inside. “King Of Forever” acknowledges that God’s power is supreme; He is in control at all times. Because He doesn’t change from day to day, we don’t fear the things that do; we can count on Him. The chorus all but begs for listeners’ amens. “We Know” reminds us that we are victorious and then some because nothing will ever be able to keep us from God’s love. He battles on our behalf and supplies exactly what we need, creating good out of every circumstance. “Center Of It All” concludes by recalling that Jesus is neither imaginary or a product of human emotion. Rather, He is the one in the middle of our troubles, the one everything else revolves around. We ought to keep Him in the center of our lives and affections.

It’s impossible to define ourselves rightly unless we’re focused on the words and person of Jesus Christ. Tim Timmons unequivocally and unashamedly calls our attention to His purpose in our lives, so that we might know our purpose for being alive. Who I Am accomplishes this task with cheery melodies and simple lyrics that will appeal to children and adults alike, bolstering faith and declaring the truth.


Released: September 22, 2017

Label: Tim Timmons

Track Listing:

  1. Who I Am (3:44)
  2. Reflections of You (4:00)
  3. A Beautiful Thing (3:02)
  4. I Surrender (4:05)
  5. I Will Follow You (3:44)
  6. The Name of Jesus (feat. Matt Hammitt) (4:09)
  7. All I Really Want (3:31)
  8. King of Forever (3:23)
  9. We Know (3:35)
  10. Center of It All (3:36)
  11. Everywhere I Go (Live) (3:48)

11 Tracks, 40:00

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