Plumb ‘Beautifully Broken’

///Plumb ‘Beautifully Broken’

Written by: Kelly Meade (6/22/18)

Plumb has solidified her place in today’s Christian music industry with songs that speak to the hearts of listeners in an honest and relatable way. The release of the Beautifully Broken album paves the way for a movie by the same name as well as Plumb’s second book, FIGHT FOR HER…Even If You Have To Fight Her, coming later this summer.

Title track, “Beautifully Broken”, sets the tone for the album in an incredibly encouraging way as it reminds us that though we view ourselves as broken and damaged, God will always welcome us into His arms with grace to heal our hearts.

The words within “Crazy About You” are sung from God’s perspective calling us back to Him. No matter how far we’ve strayed or what we’ve done, He is willing to give us another chance. He will meet us in the midst of our sadness and pain to comfort us with is love.

A personal favorite, “I Can Do This” builds upon the foundation of Philippians 4:13 which states “I can do all things through Him Who gives me strength.” When we’re facing the unknown and being prompted to step out in faith or trying to stand on our own when everything is crumbling around us, it can be terrifying. When we remember that we are not alone and believe in the power of Christ Who promises to remain by our side, we can do what we thought to be impossible.

“Somebody Loves You” sends a message of hope to those who are searching and lost as they try to find their place in life reminding them that there is a God Who loves them unconditionally and they are priceless in His eyes. We should strive to reflect this love in our interactions with everyone we meet.

“God Help Me” is a prayer for understanding, guidance and boldness as we set out to live our lives according to the purpose that God has placed within us.

“Human” is a timely, sobering look at the way we view and treat those we share this world with. In an age where hatred, bullying, ignorance and disrespect run rampant, we must remember that we’re all human and fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). We all make mistakes, but we are NOT mistakes. We have our own unique opinions and personalities that may not always see things the same way, but one universal language is love and kindness.

“Fight For You” points out the importance of the determination and sometimes brutal honesty it can take to maintain relationships. When you truly care for someone, it means putting in the effort and your words into actions.

“Acrobat” tells of feeling pulled in every direction as we fight to balance the demands of life and many times even our own emotions, praying for our Savior to hold us together and keep us close to Him before we fall.

With Plumb’s stunning vocal range, intriguingly intricate melodies, heartfelt lyrics and themes of God’s grace, faithfulness and love throughout, Beautifully Broken is easily one of my favorite releases of 2018 and a must-listen.


Released: June 22, 2018

Label: Plumb Music Inc./Centricity

Track Listing:

  1. Beautifully Broken 3:24
  2. Impossible 3:32
  3. Crazy About You 3:23
  4. I Can Do This 3:50
  5. Somebody Loves You 5:45
  6. God Help Me 3:54
  7. I’m Not Alone 3:01
  8. Human 4:01
  9. Fight for You 3:18
  10. Acrobat 3:48
  11. Sleepwalking 3:43

11 Tracks, 42:00

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