Here Be Lions ‘Only A Holy God’

///Here Be Lions ‘Only A Holy God’

Here Be Lions ‘Only A Holy God’

Written by: Laura Chambers (June 18, 2018)

It began as a caution to would-be travelers that the distant lands demarcated thusly were rife with peril. The band known as Here Be Lions has adopted the phrase and given it new meaning – one of claiming unexplored territory in the name of our God, that His kingdom may increase and His will be done. Only A Holy God is their debut foray into the wild unknown, a journey we’re invited to share. Miracles and adventure can’t be far behind.

“Wildfire” seeks the Holy Spirit to manifest like a conflagration consuming our lives, as though we were a drought-ridden forest on the inside. We become ablaze to the depth of our beings, so much so that we cannot extinguish or control the flames spreading through us.

“Wonder Working Power” describes the victory we can experience when we are covered by the blood of Christ and shout His name.  By telling our stories of rescue and giving God the glory, we unleash something which cannot be stopped – His power to accomplish the impossible.

“Arise & Shine” pours out words with a life-changing impact on those who are imprisoned by their perceptions and problems, asleep in their ignorance and fear. By shaking off the burdens of brokenness and praising the Lord, we can truly find the freedom and victory that has eluded us for so long.

“Only A Holy God” rhetorically questions whether anyone but a holy God is His equal in power and majesty. We are encouraged to worship Him; He is the sole God worthy of our praise.

“Belong To You (Enemy Can’t)” affirms our status as adopted children of God, delivered from our sin and protected by His name. We all need to remember that the devil can’t undo God’s blessings in our lives. God’s declarations overpower every lie and curse directed our way.

“Encounter” surrenders before God, asking for His spirit to move as He wills. Whether His presence is gentle or furious, we’re going to allow Him to move as He wills, without stubbornly fighting Him or our enthusiasm flagging.

“We’re Singing Holy” expresses a desire to approach the most sacred of places; the sphere of glory surrounding God, a realm “where kings take off their crowns“; where even the highest and mightiest earthly powers must recognize His supremacy. The more we praise Him, the more that our domain resembles His.

“God Would You Forgive Us” imagines a world where we forfeited our statuses and messages in favor of God’s, caring nothing for the opinions of others or our own vain pursuits. Instead of being separated by our manmade divisions, could we ever unite to bring the kingdom of God to Earth? We humble ourselves, plead for Him to forgive us for not having done all we could thus far and beg Him to enable us to do what we can now.

“Completely Overwhelmed” aptly describes the enormity of being surrounded by the presence of God – overshadowed by a power so great and near. You can’t help but want to remain where you feel more alive than ever.

“Power When We Worship” seeks the supernatural power that is released in the midst of our praises. God has promised that we have the ability to defeat those who stand against us if we’ll surrender our lives as conduits through which He can work. Nothing can quench the power of the name of Jesus.

“Miracles” personalizes the miraculous acts performed by God; He not only can and has done them in the past, but He will and is working in my life, too. Too good not to sing along to.

Lastly, “The One That Really Matters (Chaotic Love)” cherishes God’s closeness, drawing the conclusion that His opinion is the only one worth considering, His favor the only one worth seeking. When we became aware of His presence, and feel the touch of His love, it ruins us in a good way.

Does the warning still hold? Are we to tread carefully around this God, or embrace Him with all our hearts? Rather than cower like a terrified child before His roar, He welcomes us to experience His strength and love by venturing far afield. Although we know little of the road ahead, He is well acquainted with the territory and its challenges. There He awaits us, to embrace and revive us continually. Here Be Lions, indeed, but here be something far greater; the lion of Judah. Only A Holy God reminds us that we have access to a power higher than anything we can muster alone.


Released: June 22, 2018

Label: Integrity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Wildfire (4:58)
  2. Wonder Working Power (4:12)
  3. Arise & Shine (4:26)
  4. Only A Holy God (5:11)
  5. Belong To You (Enemy Can’t) (7:23)
  6. Encounter (6:36)
  7. We’re Singing Holy (8:53)
  8. God Would You Forgive Us (6:34)
  9. Completely Overwhelmed (7:00)
  10. Power When We Worship (5:17)
  11. Miracles (6:08)
  12. The One That Really Matters (Chaotic Love) (8:07)

12 Tracks, 75:00

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