Written by: Kelly Meade (03/22/2020)

Husband & wife duo Seth & Nirva return with the release of their latest full-length album One Voice. The couple sing & serve together as the songs draw listeners into a time of worship as well as offering thought provoking insights within the lyrics.

The upbeat “Light Up The Sky” calls on believers to live out their faith through love, sparking a chain reaction.

“Turning Over Tables”, featuring Michael Tait, tells of how setting aside our perceived differences and genuinely listening to another person’s story can help us overcome the barriers that fear & disagreements have built up.

“Mercy” is a heartfelt prayer for God’s mercy to bring deliverance from fears and doubts with His love ringing louder than the noise that tries to overtake God’s voice in our lives.

“Be Still” reminds us of the fact that God is in control of everything that feels like it is out of ours. When the unexpected trials and challenges come to disrupt our lives and peace, we can find solace in our Savior as we trust in Him.

“Bluest Skies” stands out as a favorite of mine as it depicts the feelings we experience when it seems as though our prayers are going unanswered. However, if we continue to trust and move forward in faith, our God will lead us through to the other side.

Title track, “One Voice”, is a celebration of unity within the body of Christ as we come together in worship and reflect God’s love to all regardless of the color of our skin or what the story of our past may be.

Encouraging messages of hope interspersed throughout One Voice help solidify the overall message of joining together with fellow believers in love, truth and thankfulness as we carry the light of the Lord into the darkness of the world; shining to point others in the direction of our Heavenly Father and help bring them into the family of His kingdom.


Released: March 13, 2020

Label: Nuelight (Pty) Ltd

Track Listing:

1. Make Us One (0:03)

2. Light up the Sky (4:03)

3. Turning over Tables (feat. Michael Tait) (3:29)

4. Kindgdom over Culture (feat. Dr. Tony Evans) (1:28)

5. Standing in the Need of Prayer (3:36)

6. Mercy (4:49)

7. Fall Like Rain (2:28)

8. Caleb and Joshua (feat. Fiona Reid) (1:44)

9. Be Still (4:42)

10. Bluest Skies (3:14)

13 Tracks, 36:00

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