Seventh Day Slumber ‘Found’

///Seventh Day Slumber ‘Found’

Written by: Kelly Meade (7/28/2017)

Rockers Seventh Day Slumber’s highly anticipated album, Found, offers a message of hope and finding peace in the midst of difficult times.

Opening track, “Sky Is Falling”, tells of someone who is struggling with a cycle of darkness in their life that keeps dragging them further down. The lyrics encourages them not to give up, reminding that someone cares and as long as you keep the will to fight and break free from the chains holding you back, there is always hope.

“Horizon” honestly portrays the fact that it is sometimes very difficult to continue to trust and step out in faith when the future is unknown or we’re presented with a major life change. The chorus plays as a prayer for the strength to believe that God’s promises are true and He will remain close to us through whatever obstacle arrives in our path.

“Found” reminds us of God’s faithfulness and that He will never give up on us. No matter how far away we stray or how much we feel like we’ve screwed up in life, God actively seeks us out and finds ways to show us His grace and call us back to Him. A couple lines from the classic hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross” are a welcome addition to the bridge of the song.

“Mercy Meets My Pain” is a prayer for clarity during a season of waiting, trying to make sense of the chaos that surrounds. In the search for answers, we are reminded that God is working within the mess we see as He shows us that through the trials and setbacks we will emerge stronger on the other side.

“Till The End” inspires as it shines the light of God’s love & peace into the dark corners of pain and suffering through a night that seems like it will never end. The promise of a new day filled with God’s mercy gives hope as we cling to Him.

The poignant “My Last Words” closes the album declaring the desire for one’s last words to bring glory and honor to their Savior and that they would be remembered as someone who lived a life that pointed to Jesus.

From guitar driven rock anthems to heartfelt ballads, Found features Seventh Day Slumber’s powerful vocals and honest lyrics that acknowledge the struggles people deal with every day. The songs on the album provide a path that leads to the grace, forgiveness & mercy of an everlasting God Who loves you more than you can imagine and wants to walk with you through the valleys to the mountain top where you can stand strong in your faith once more.


Released: July 28, 2017

Label: VSR

Track Listing:

  1. Sky Is Falling (3:53)
  2. Horizon (3:32)
  3. Found (3:32)
  4. Sins Of Our Fathers (3:22)
  5. Heart On My Sleeve (3:23)
  6. Mercy Meets My Pain (3:30)
  7. Till The End (3:24)
  8. Tomorrow Breaks (Into The Fire) (3:17)
  9. Fallen (3:09)
  10. My Last Words (3:34)

10 Tracks, 34:36

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