Written by: Kelly Meade (02/12/20)

Dream Label recording artists Switch have made waves with their breakout single, “Symphony” over the past year. Now, their full-length debut album by the same name is available bringing a collection of modern, inspirational worship.

“Wild” sets the tone with a celebratory anthem about the love of God that is undeniable and all consuming.

“Jump” tells of taking a leap of faith into the unknown, choosing to trust solely in God’s faithfulness and purpose for your life as you follow His lead.

“Count Me In” declares a willing surrender to God in the face of anxiety, setbacks and challenges that come along. When we stand up against these forces with God on our side, we will be stronger through the fight.

My personal favorite track, “Symphony”, offers a beautiful message of hope in the midst of chaos and confusion. Some days it can be easy to find the light, others you have to fight tooth and nail to keep the tiniest glimmer alive. Reminding ourselves of our Savior’s faithfulness and promises can be our peace in the storm.

“Heartbeat” finds someone living in sync with their Creator knowing that no matter what happens, you are never alone and have the power to overcome as you solidify your identity in Christ.

Closing track, “Obsession”, finds wholeness in a relationship with Jesus; ignoring the voices, opinions and distractions of the world.

Switch captures a youthful energy while maintaining a message of hope through God’s love & drawing close to Him. Upbeat tracks, pleasant vocal performances and a few stand out tracks, Symphony is a solid effort worth adding to your music library.


Released: February 14, 2020

Label: Dream Records

Track Listing:

1. Wild (2:52)
2. Jump (3:25)
3. Count Me In (3:48)
4. Higher And Higher (3:08)
5. Symphony [feat. Dillon Chase] (4:04)
6. Overflow (3:24)
7. Close (3:36 )
8. Heartbeat (3:24)
9. Lifeline (3:33)
10. Obsession (3:12)

10 Tracks, 34:30

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