Written by: Kelly Meade (10/9/18)

TobyMac has consistently brought listeners creative sounds that not only pull you in, but also speak to your heart. With the release of the highly anticipated album The Elements, he adds another impressive chapter to his illustrious musical career.

Title track, “The Elements”, appropriately sets the tone for the rest of the album as it tells of standing strong in our faith against everything this world tries to throw at us in an attempt to tear us apart. Much like the natural elements of wind, fire, water and earth that can vary from calm and serene to violent and dangerous, life mirrors these extremes at different times. However, there is ONE God Who holds it all and will be by our side in battle as we fight the elements we face. This track is incredibly interesting to listen to as it takes you on an epic ride. For me, it’s an almost cinematic experience making me feel that the story within the song could be turned into an action/adventure film.

“I just need U” points out the fact that we all can get run ragged by the busyness, stresses and hassles of day to day life. The words remind us that when we firmly place our hope in God, He will walk closely with us through every up and down.

“Scars” sends out a message to a loved one who is going through a dark time and facing a new unknown. The sound advice carried within the lyrics help both the intended recipient as well as the listeners remember that we are never alone and we all bear the scars, whether seen or unseen, of events and obstacles we have battled. With our hearts and eyes fixed on Jesus, we know that we can depend on Him to carry us through the pain & trials we are sure to encounter.

“Everything” acknowledges God’s presence and love in every heartbeat, every moment and every part of creation. When we pause for even a moment and breathe in the beauty of nature and the blessings that surround us, we have the assurance of our Heavenly Father’s existence.

“Starts With Me (featuring Aaron Cole)” takes an honest look at the current state of the world around us and the gaps that divide us as human beings. Whether it’s race, belief, social status or political affiliation, these things can spawn fear, distrust and hate where there should be kindness, compassion, empathy and a reflection of our Savior. It is important to remember that if we truly want to see a change, it starts with us and our words and actions towards everyone we meet.

“It’s You” prioritizes keeping our relationship with God first in all we do recognizing that without Him, we would be even more lost and confused as we try to figure out this journey through life.

“Overflow” praises God for His provision, love and grace as He fills our hearts and spirits to overflowing. When we willingly walk with Him throughout each day and in every circumstance, He will give us joy, hope and peace that is unmatched by anything we can find on our own.

Closing track, “See The Light” encourages those who are experiencing a difficult situation that seems unbearable to keep going. There is a promise of hope and path to the other side where a brighter day will dawn.

Throughout The Elements, we are treated to intriguing, uplifting beats along with powerful messages of hope and encouragement that strengthen your faith. TobyMac’s strong vocals and ability to perform these songs in a way that spans several musical genres makes this a must listen album!

Rating: 4.8/5

Released: October 12, 2018

Label: ForeFront Records

Track Listing:

  1. The Elements (3:52)
  2. I just need U. (3:44)
  3. Scars (4:21)
  4. Everything (3:21)
  5. Starts With Me (feat. Aaron Cole) (3:54)
  6. Edge Of My Seat (3:44)
  7. It’s You (4:48)
  8. Horizon (A New Day) (3:14)
  9. Hello Future (2:42)
  10. Overflow (3:16)
  11. See The Light (3:52)

11 Tracks, 41:00

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