Jenny & Tyler ‘There Will Be a Song (Deluxe Edition)’

///Jenny & Tyler ‘There Will Be a Song (Deluxe Edition)’

Jenny & Tyler ‘There Will Be a Song (Deluxe Edition)’

Written by: Laura Chambers (October 9, 2018)

In this day and age, the highlight reel that is social media can be a veritable self(ie)-directed public relations campaign; images posed to show off our best sides and edited to portray us as better versions of ourselves; carefully worded messages that put all our actions in the best light and boast as humbly as possible about our triumphs. It can be more than a little discouraging to read these pages and wonder how we could possibly live up to them.

What we often forget is that these same people who appear to be living a charmed life deal with all of the same internal struggles the rest of us do, and probably hide them about as often as we do. As tempting as a perfect life may seem, it doesn’t really exist. Only by recognizing and voicing our doubts, by allowing the mess in our lives to draw us closer to each other and God. After releasing their last record through a label, Jenny and Tyler experienced a brief moment in the spotlight. Though it didn’t last, it’s left them with gratitude for the experience and excitement about the possibilities of their newest independent album, There Will Be A Song, where they share their story of a life watered by tears, united by love, marked by prayer, and upheld by God.

“Who I’m Not” expresses the weariness and dissatisfaction that comes with trying to live up to a false identity or impression. It can be difficult to cast aside the lies if you can’t remember who you were to begin with. God invites us to find peace with Him, for He is the only one who can restore us.

“Lesser god” admits to becoming lost in sin and self-gratification, all despite knowing better, an act which is essentially adoration of a false deity. The song pleads with God to keep us from returning to the filth from which He rescued us.

“Somewhere A Voice Is Calling” dreamily considers one’s beloved while separated by distance, certain that their heart is reaching out to them. It’s an odd place to put the song in the album, as though drifting off to sleep in the middle of the day rather than at night.

“Love I Am” assures us that God’s love can accomplish great things in our lives, if we would only let it. Though He desires to give us so much, He won’t make us accept Him. Still, He gives us many opportunities to choose love over fear, life through His Son over death in our sins.

“O Freedom (There Will Be A Song)” recalls the days of slavery, noting how the land is still marked by the past. Those who toiled in the fields dreamed of liberty, just as we long for God to emancipate us when His kingdom comes. The Beatitudes will be fulfilled upon Christ’s return – pain will be healed, and rewards will be given to those who suffered here.

“Come Be Free” continues by inviting us to taste the freedom eternity promises by resting in God. We can leave behind all our concerns and questions when we run to His embrace rather than fleeing from our troubles.

Without attempting to climb on any particular ideological bandwagon, “Waters Roll” seeks justice and mercy in abundance, resounding as loud as the waves, unable to be ignored. Dreams of freedom for all, an end to evil, and satisfaction for the righteous are sought as an ideal that has not yet been realized.

“Wrote Us A Story” tenderly recalls the moment they knew they were meant to belong together, a sentiment that has not changed in all these years. Though time brings changes and opportunities to grow, it doesn’t push them apart.

“I’m Sorry” recalls a bitter argument that should never have happened, regretting the awful things said and done, how long it lasted. Instead of merely laying blame, each confesses having a part in the way things happened. Apologies are accompanied by the decision to do better from now on – to listen and understand each other.

“A Boy & A Girl (We’re Getting Older)” recognizes that in spite of the passage of time and the outward changes it brings, their affection for each other makes them feel as young as they once were. At the same time, their love for their children continues to grow.

“I’m Gonna Love You To The End” expresses a faithful love that seeks to surrender all of one’s self to the other. It will outlast pain and the changes the years bring.

“He Is Good” proclaims the goodness of God, who never breaks any promise He makes and will never leave us, even if we doubt Him. Jesus saves us, comforts us, writes our lives, restores and refreshes us.

“When I Hold Your Hand I’m Home” defines home as the person you travel with, not the places you go or come from. Though our location changes, the love we share along the way sustains us until we reach our ultimate destination of heaven, where we’ll find ultimate fulfillment. As touring musicians, Jenny and Tyler have learned to place a higher value on family than any one earthly location.

“The Sun Will Rise” describes a difficult season of time that is made easier by the assurance that God will bring light to the darkness, blessing us with mercy and another chance to start over.

Homesickness, bitterness, selfishness, bondage…these are just some of the many struggles that we all face from time to time, whether we want to admit it or not. But as difficult as our hard times can be, sweet moments of love, mercy, hope, and faith spring up from the ground watered by our tears. Jenny and Tyler remind us that confession is liberating; if we can find the strength to admit to our problems, we can heal from our wounds, love each other more, and surrender our lives to God. There Will Be A Song promises us that our ultimate freedom is imminent, so we might as well warm up our voices for the performance.

Rating:   3.6/5

Released: October 12, 2018

Label: One Eyed Cat Music

Track Listing:

  1. Who I’m Not (3:54)
  2. Lesser god (feat. Adam Agin) (4:27)
  3. Somewhere a Voice Is Calling (3:49)
  4. Love I Am (3:47)
  5. O Freedom (There Will Be a Song) [feat. Nomad] (4:16)
  6. Come Be Free (3:01)
  7. Waters Roll (4:21)
  8. Wrote Us a Story (3:23)
  9. I’m Sorry (3:45)
  10. A Boy & a Girl (We’re Getting Older) (3:17)
  11. I’m Gonna Love You to the End (4:09)
  12. He Is Good (3:12)
  13. When I Hold Your Hand I’m Home (Bonus Track) (5:06)
  14. The Sun Will Rise (Bonus Track) (3:24)

14 Tracks, 53:00

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