Written by: Lauren McLean (3/18/2016)

As I’m learning more and more about this amazing Irish based band, We Are Messengers, I’ve fallen in love with their music, Darren’s (front man) voice and what these guys stand for. There are a lot of great christian artists and bands out there, a handful I’m a fan of, but We Are Messengers are making their way up to the top of my list.

We Are Messengers current hit single “Everything Comes Alive” is not only their first radio single, but it also tells the personal testimony of front man’s Darren Mulligan. In the behind the scenes video, Darren speaks about this and states that its what my life (our lives) looks like before Christ and after Christ. In the beginning of the music video, Darren is walking down an old bridge when his wife approaches him. He pushes her away and rejects her and keeps on walking. She there trying to capture him and love him, Darren says that’s how our relationship with Christ is in the beginning; He’s reaching out to us wanting to love us and all we have to do is accept it. As we grow in our relationship with Christ, we see that everything does come alive around us. We see the world in a new way.

“I don’t have the answers, and maybe thats ok.” When the unexpected happens in our lives; rather it’s something in our personal lives, or something in our friends or families lives, we ask questions: ‘why did this happen?’ is the main question. We‘re left confused and speechless, and not really knowing what to think of the situation. We may feel broken and numb; it’s ok to feel like that, that proves that we‘re human. The truth is, we want the answers to why and how something so horrible has happened. When something terrible goes on, we want the answers, but some times they’re not there at the moment, and that’s ok.

“Dancing in the Dark” is slowly becoming an anthem for me. When we‘re broken, we see the darkness and start loosing a bit of ourselves. But even in our darkness and confusion, God can take that and us it for His Glory and set us free from it. Christ can show us the even the broken can dance in the dark.

We Are Messengers‘ debut album releases April 22nd. Make sure to catch this amazing and honest band on a Winter Jam tour near you soon! And keep your ears open for “Everything Comes Alive” on your local christian radio station as well!

Released: April 22, 2016

Label: Word Records

Track Listing:

  1. Everything Comes Alive (3:22)
  2. Point To You (4:02)
  3. I Look Up (3:43)
  4. The River (3:20)
  5. I’m On Fire (3:34)
  6. Magnify (3:29)
  7. Give It All (3:31)
  8. Shadows (3:10)
  9. I Want You (3:33)
  10. Dancing In The Dark (3:51)
  11. Wildfire (3:44)
  12. My Ghost (3:28)
  13. Giants Fall (4:08)
  14. I Don’t Have The Answers (3:48)

14 Tracks, 50:43

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