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Young Oceans ‘Suddenly’

Written by: Laura Chambers (October 11, 2017) If Christians are bound together by a rich tapestry of shared beliefs, Communion is a ever-recurring biscuit-crimson braid of threads woven throughout. It is Passover re-interpreted, the Crucifixion re-enacted, redemption remembered. In this sacred activity, we accept the torch from the faithful past [...]

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The Porter’s Gate ‘Work Songs’

Written by: Laura Chambers (October 4, 2017) Concerning the church’s level of engagement with the outside world, we tend to lean toward one extreme more than the other. Either we retreat into our safe place and shut ourselves inside, and therefore others out, or we stream out the doors [...]

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Carrollton ‘Everything or Nothing’

Written by: Laura Chambers (October 1, 2017) Famed for its ominous prophecies, vivid symbols, and a final message of hope at the end, Revelation is one of the most well-known books of the Bible. Yet one of its most unappealing images can be found in its earlier chapters, specifically [...]

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Book Review: Brock Gill ‘Feed The Dog’

Written by: Laura Chambers (October 2, 2017) Illusionist Brock Gill wants to encourage us to nurture our souls with good spiritual food, assuring us that we will strengthen our walk with God if we do. To do otherwise is to strengthen our fleshly sinful nature, no matter our [...]

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Tim Timmons ‘Who I Am’

Written by: Laura Chambers (9/13/2017) One of the biggest struggles facing children these days is the problem of defining one’s identity. Whether deflecting the negative labels people try to affix to them or questioning their role in the world, people have never been as confused about who they are [...]

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Open Heaven ‘Miracle Maker’

Written by: Laura Chambers (8/17/2017) Although nobody can deny the influence the Scriptures have had on our past, present, and future, the truth of its more outrageous claims are called into question by Christians and non-believers alike. Some doubt that the tales of sea waters parting and the dead [...]

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