Written by: Kelly Meade (10/21/19)

Over the past few years, Citizen Way has become one of the top bands in modern Christian music. With hits like “How Sweet The Sound”, “When I’m With You” & “Bulletproof”, the band’s optimistic tone has encouraged listeners to look to our Heavenly Father as the true source of hope. Their latest release, Love Is A Lion, offers 11 inspiring new tracks.

“The Lord’s Prayer” kicks off the album expanding upon the familiar passage of Matthew 6:9-13 adding a praise infused chorus set against an anthemic musical backdrop.

“Love Has Won” serves as a reminder to all who are suffering from a devastating loss, the difficulties of life and pressures of living in this broken world that we are never alone in battle. Love has already overcome through Christ and in Him we have the assurance that no matter what we face, we know Who holds the victory.

“God You Are Good” is definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. The prayerful words proclaim the promises of God and keep the focus on believing in Him as we trust in His faithfulness during the waiting seasons we encounter along the journey.

Title track, “Love Is A Lion”, declares Jesus’ sovereignty with a bold belief in His power to save. In Him we have freedom, fellowship and an unending love that guides & protects as He fights for us in more ways than we’ll ever know.

Another favorite, “You Loved Me Anyway”, finds someone who has tried to continue to do things in their way – making mistakes, blaming God when life doesn’t turn out how they planned. The realization that God really does have the best in mind for us and loves us despite all of our shortcomings, even when we try to fight him, offers a peace that can only be explained by God working in your heart and opening your eyes to His truth.

“Be Still” is a comforting reassurance that God is in control when it feels like everything is falling apart. Though we may never fully understand the “why” behind what we feel should not be happening, He sees the bigger picture and we can find rest in knowing that He will not fail us if we simply trust in Him & His ways.

MercyMe’s Bart Millard joins the band for the upbeat closing track, “WaveWalker”. The lyrics reiterate a steadfast faith in Jesus that can’t be shaken or drowned out by the storms of life when our eyes a securely fixed on Him.

With the current darkness that seems to surround every corner of the earth, one of the biggest weapons we have to fight back is the boldness to declare that God is Lord over all and sing out songs of hope that push against the enemy’s schemes. From start to finish, Love Is A Lion gives us these such songs to kindle the fire of faith within us. With strong vocal performances, impactful lyrics and well arranged music, this album is a must listen!


Released: October 18, 2019

Label: Fair Trade Services

Track Listing:

1. The Lord’s Prayer (3:53)

2. Love Has Won (4:22)

3. Mountains (3:11)

4. God You Are Good (3:40)

5. Peace Like a River (3:16)

6. The Hope Song (4:03)

7. Love Is a Lion (3:23)

8. You Loved Me Anyway (3:35)

9. Hallowed Be Thy Name (3:52)

10. Be Still (4:37)

11. WaveWalker (feat. Bart Millard) (3:14)

11 Tracks, 41:00

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