Written by: Laura Chambers (March 24, 2018)

Do miracles happen every day? Definitely. Do miracles happen to everybody? Most assuredly. Do miracles happen to everybody every day? Depends on your point of view. If your measuring stick is only capable of registering the most significant or obvious miracles, like being rescued from a burning building by an angelic presence, or growing back a missing limb, then no. If, however, your definition expands to include the ordinary, beautiful blessings of life, and all of the unseen moments where disaster was averted…that’s another story altogether.

Between medical issues, new additions to the family, and the discovery of new passions, life has been anything but static for the members of Hawk Nelson. Yet throughout it all, their unwavering loyalty and concern for each other proved to be a powerful ingredient in the glue that ultimately united them; a shared surrender to a miracle-working God. Miracles in itself is something of a miracle. It is the story of valuable lessons learned and lives changed for the better.

“No Such Thing” offers a hopeful message for restless souls in the midst of their afflictions. Whether your life’s ambition is slipping from your grasp or you find yourself assailed by one trial after another, the solution is never as impossible as it appears to be. Jesus can handle anything we’re up against. “He Still Does (Miracles)” assures us that the wonders God performed in the past can still manifest in our present day lives. It’s at those most desperate moments that we see Him act on our behalf, without warning. He is making use of all our inability and pain to bring forth something amazing. “Parachute” changes tack from the prior tracks’ fervent declaration to an earnest prayer for God to catch our plummeting souls before they crash to the ground below. It kind of seems like something that might have made it big on the radio a decade or so ago. Simple, honest, and relatable; everybody reaches a point where they feel like they’re in freefall.

“Weightless” expresses the joy of being able to surrender every burden to God, an act that frees us to move through life with no heaviness weighing us down. He is in control of our futures, so we can rest easy. “Never Let You Down (feat. Hunter and Tara)” moves from grappling with ever-present doubts and questions to remembering all of the times God came through. Interspersed between doubt and belief is the voice of God, reminding us that if He hasn’t failed us yet, He isn’t about to start. He is the constant that stands in contrast to our wavering natures. “Right Here With You (feat. MDSN)” freezes time for a moment when God reaches out into the fray and catches our attention. In that instant, we lose our hold on everything we clung to and approach Him with more openess than before.

“Never Runs Dry” reveals that the presence of God in our lives does not depend on favorable circumstances. Far from it; He is a river feeding the desert and the rainforest alike. We can see Him everywhere. The only natural response is gratitude. “Crooked Lines” traces one finger along the map of our lives, recognizing that God was always several steps ahead of us, making a way back to Him. Whether the distance between us is due to confusion or open rebellion, it matters little, because He has provided for every reason. Each stretch of road bears the marks of His plan to draw us to Himself.  Listeners from all walks of life will surely see their story of redemption in these lyrics. “Close” asks and answers the questions we all wonder about from time to time with the assurance that Jesus is nearer to us than any of our sorrows and dreads, indeed, nearer than anything we could imagine. He knows and loves us deeply. Finally, “I’d Never Know” expresses appreciation for our troubles because of the insight they grant us into God’s character and power. We wouldn’t have as deep an understanding of His nature or as eager an anticipation of His next move without suffering.

How you define a miracle speaks volumes about your relationship with God. If you choose to see them as impossibilities, relics of a bygone time, or something which only happens to other people, it will affect your prayers, your faith, your attitude – everything about your walk with God.  Hawk Nelson’s Miracles calls us to open our eyes, that we might see; open our hearts, that we might believe; open our hands, that we might release and receive.


Released: April 6, 2018

Label: Hawk Nelson/Nashburnham Inc

Track Listing:

  1. No Such Thing (3:22)
  2. He Still Does (Miracles) (3:34)
  3. Parachute (3:23)
  4. Weightless (3:46)
  5. Never Let You Down (ft. Hunter and Tara) (4:23)
  6. Right Here With You (ft. MDSN) (3:58)
  7. Never Runs Dry (3:41)
  8. Crooked Lines (3:56)
  9. Close (3:42)
  10. I’d Never Know (3:37)

10 Tracks 38:00

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