Written by: Kelly Meade (8/16/19)

Over the years, singer/songwriter Jason Gray has written and recorded songs that capture what many of us feel & struggle with all the while keeping sight firmly fixed on the hope found in our Savior. Order offers five such songs and is the first of three EP’s that Jason will be releasing based on the theme, “Order Disorder Reorder”.

Previously released as part of The Kipper Gray Sessions project in September of 2018, a newly recorded version of “Becoming” opens this EP. The song tells of allowing yourself to be fully led & refined by the God Who created us as He shapes our lives into their full potential. When we place our trust in His guidance, we will find endless grace as we continue the journey.

“Maker of Mornings (I Am Loved)” serves as a reminder of our Heavenly Father’s merciful love for us; praising Him for the blessings of a new day and light on the other side of our darkest nights. Each day is a gift and another chance to appreciate all we have been given as well as an opportunity to share that gift with others.

One of my favorite tracks on this collection is “The Wonder”. I love how the song is written as the lyrics compare experiencing a relationship with the Lord to the joy we felt as children when we found the unbridled happiness in our favorite moments. We should never lose our childlike faith and the sense of awe at the incredible works of our Savior.

The first single from the project, “I’m Gonna Let It Go”, encourages us to turn over our worries to God and trust that He will carry us through our times of anxiety. This can often be easier said than done, but when we do, we can find true peace.

I first heard “Order Disorder Reorder” at a songwriter’s showcase Jason hosted in Nashville in October 2018. It stuck with me ever since and I was very happy to hear that it was going to not only be part of this new project, but the song these EP’s are based around. Life rarely goes as expected and as much as we try to control and plan out every detail, we are not the ones with the ultimate authority over what happens. Often it’s when our lives get flipped and spun around that we turn to God – sometimes for help, sometimes to place blame or question why. But, through what we see as a struggle or complete implosion of the world around us, God works in more ways than we can see. We can choose to learn from the ‘disorder’ and trust that after the shuffling & chaos, the pieces of God’s plan will fall more into place.

From start to finish, Order speaks to the hearts of listeners encouraging us with messages that we can all relate to in some way as we focus on deepening our relationship with Christ. Jason’s signature style shines within the lyrics and fresh musical arrangements making this EP one you can easily listen to on repeat and still leaves you wanting to hear more.


Released: August 16, 2019

Label: Centricity Music

Track Listing:

  1. Becoming (3:47)
  2. Maker of Mornings (I Am Loved) (3:44)
  3. The Wonder (3:12)
  4. I’m Gonna Let It Go (3:09)
  5. Order Disorder Reorder (3:35)

5 Tracks, 17:00

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