Written by: Laura Chambers (August 21, 2023)

The Prodigal Son is one of the most poignant parables in the New Testament. Aside from its value as a story (who doesn’t love a happy ending?), it is a tale in which every person on Earth can see themselves; the angry, rebellious child who runs away from the love of his or her Father.

What a wonder to discover that God is a Father just like the one in the story; a loving father who
welcomes his penitent children home. Justin Gambino revels in the love of God in Made New, his
sophomore release.

“Courage” expresses a firm resolve to believe the truth of God despite the negative messages being whispered by the devil. We can push back against discouragement by remembering that we are being defended by the Lord. He has given us the courage to withstand the onslaught of daily attacks.

“Becoming Me” assures us that we can still become the person God created us to be, as long as we’re alive. Even though we may be tormented by regrets, we can look past them and find peace by surrendering them and ourselves to God.

“Fighting On My Behalf” continues the theme of trusting God in the middle of a chaotic storm, knowing He is doing battle for us. No matter how dark, alone, and desperate we may become, the knowledge that God is on our side is comforting and empowering. With Him on our side, our adversary will be conquered.

“A Father’s Heart” slows down the tempo with an earnest prayer to see the heart of God during a time of struggle. It’s the perfect song for a quiet moment spent seeking His presence.

In “You”, Gambino describes God as the only one he wants to lean on, love and trust completely. Although the song doesn’t mention God by name, the devotion he expresses is palpable. The song doesn’t linger in an eternity of verses and choruses, just says what the singer is feeling and ends.

“Bring Me Home” affirms that God is the only one who can bring us back from our wanderings to the place where we belong. Moreover, He is willing to take us back no matter how many times we’ve strayed far from Him. As long as we are uncomfortable being separated from God, there is hope we can return to Him.

“Made New” has Gambino surrendering to God when he has no more strength to continue or places to run. He waits in anticipation of the transforming love of God, changing his longings to holy ones and turning his reliance on himself into complete dependence on God.

“Riding With You” jumps right into an energetic road trip kind of song, with God inviting us to go on a grand adventure with Him. We can be confident He’ll protect us when we go through dangerous and unfamiliar situations. A perfect song for the highway, the open water, or the turbulent skies.

“Worth Fighting For” reminds us that God loves us and wants to fight for us, even if we don’t think He ought to. As many times as we’ve prayed to Him and listened for His direction, we can still marvel at His answers and the truth of His love. He will never leave us.

“There’s No Love Like The Love of Jesus” is a powerful testimony to the changes that can be wrought when Jesus saves us. Despair gives way to hope when He assures us that we can still have a place in His plan, and have never ceased to have one in His heart. Gambino admits he doesn’t deserve another chance, yet more evidence of how good Jesus is.

“Mercy” uses imagery of Adam in the garden of Eden to describe how we feel when God forgives us for our sins. Once we have been forgiven much, we ought to long to be God’s instruments on Earth. It is His great mercy that leaves us speechless, considering what we deserved yet were spared.

In “Revive”, Gambino recalls how he once strayed away from God without realizing how far he’d gotten. Yet like the Prodigal Son’s father, God waited and watched for his lost son, never giving up on him. He begs God to bring him back to life again. The bridge speaks in God’s voice, admonishing him to be still and listen for His voice.

“The Celebration” concludes this album with a short interlude of joyous instrumental music, not nearly long enough to dance to as it currently stands (it cuts out abruptly about the moment you’d get going, anyway).

When we are transformed by the love of Jesus, we can leave our regrets and rebellion behind. But even if we go back to our sinful ways, God is willing to welcome us home again. Justin Gambino proclaims the reality of God’s forgiveness and mercy in Made New, stirring our hearts to seek the Lord.


Released: August 25, 2023

Label: Independent

Track Listing:

  1. Courage (3:46)
  2. Becoming Me (4:06)
  3. Fighting on My Behalf (3:02)
  4. A Father’s Heart (3:33)
  5. You (3:06)
  6. Bring Me Home (4:18)
  7. Made New (4:55)
  8. Riding With You (2:55)
  9. Worth Fighting For (4:14)
  10. There’s No Love Like the Love of Jesus (4:59)
  11. Mercy (3:36)
  12. Revive (4:36)
  13. The Celebration (0:48)

13 Tracks, 47:00

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