Written by: Kelly Meade (4/4/22)

Husband & wife duo Love & The Outcome have endured a lot as a family the past few years with losing their home to a flood & having many of their salvaged belongings stolen along with the repercussions of the pandemic. Through it all, they have also seen God’s amazing provision show up in a multitude of ways – check out their social media pages to see more on that! With all that transpired, the songs on their latest album, Only Ever Always, are the result of depending on God through incredibly uncertain times which is something we all can relate to.

Title track, “Only Ever Always”, sets the tone for the album with an honest prayer acknowledging that trusting God can be difficult when life is chaos, but the lyrics also remind us that He is the One who will always hold us close & carry us through the trials. We can depend on our Heavenly Father to listen and be able to handle whatever we need to say to Him.

In a world where the word blessed can get thrown around without much thought as to what it truly means to be blessed, “I’m Not Lucky, I’m Blessed” takes a look at the blessings in our lives that we tend to overlook or that others may consider a result of good luck. The truth is, God’s hand is at work in everything that happens and He cares about each and every one of us; providing exactly what we need at the best time.

“Nothing Surprises You” tells of how nothing comes as a surprise to Jesus. He is already on the other side of the bad news, difficult season and dark night. When we keep our eyes fixed on Him, we will be able to overcome by through His strength, wisdom & grace.

“You Got This” reiterates that God is in control. When it feels as though we have nothing left to give and don’t understand why certain things happen the way they do, we can surrender all our fears and worries to Him.

“I’ll Find You” is definitely one of my personal favorites on this album. No matter what we face, we can be assured that we’re not alone. In the middle of the storm, we have the promise that our Savior is with us and we can always draw near to Him.

“Moving On” closes this collection with a declaration of freedom from guilt and shame found in Christ. Because of Jesus, we no longer need to be bound by past mistakes and we find redemption in a relationship with Him.

This album is one I consider a “no skip” album meaning it’s one you can listen to all the way through and not get bored or feel the need to press “next” on your music player. From start to finish, Only Ever Always is full of songs that about navigating our Christian walk; reminding us of the hope we have as a child of God. With Love & The Outcome’s signature sound that is both fresh yet feels like a familiar friend, the honest & uplifting message within each song brings listeners to a place of feeling safe in the arms of our Savior.


Released: April 1, 2022

Label: Curb | Word Entertainment

Track Listing:

  1. Only Ever Always (2:59)
  2. Need U on Repeat (3:57)
  3. I’m Not Lucky, I’m Blessed (3:32)
  4. Look What God Has Done (3:02)
  5. End of the Day (2:53)
  6. Start from There (2:51)
  7. More (2:47)
  8. Nothing Surprises You (2:56)
  9. You Got This (3:15)
  10. Lookin’ Up (2:18)
  11. Same Page (2:57)
  12. I’ll Find You (3:39)
  13. Moving On (3:49)

13 Tracks, 41:00

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