Written by: Mallory Romportl (10/19/22)

MercyMe is back with their new album Always Only Jesus released October 21, 2022. It’s full of songs that will most likely be played for hours! 

“Hands Up” – This song made my family and I smile. I loved that it mentions sometimes it’s just hard to describe what God has done for us but we can just stand in awe of what he has done. It is a very upbeat and fun song! 

“Better Days Coming” – These lyrics spoke to my heart, it’s so uplifting on a hard day. I love lyrics to the bridge. This song serves as a reminder of how God walks through the hard seasons with us and is holding us through it all. This one was my favorite to listen to.

“Forgivable” – My favorite lyric of this song is ‘Come as you are, not as you should be.’ I think this song describes God so well and how much grace He has on us. 

“To Not Worship You” – I like that this song slows down a bit, it flows very nicely and has a great beat. The title of this song threw me off a bit because it’s phrased a little odd. 

“Always Only Jesus” – This song just worships the name of Jesus and how powerful His name is. Again, the bridge is incredible, the lyrics are so powerful! Beautiful lyrics, beautiful melody. 

“Heart Beats for Your Good” – I enjoyed listening to the words of this song. It almost sounds like a prayer of someone who is going through a really tough time. It’s a good reminder that God only has our best at heart and He will use the tough times to help shape us. 

“Grace Amazing” – I loved the musical aspects of this song, the instruments and sounds were great! I liked the lyrics as well, it’s a good song, but not my favorite on this particular album. 

“Lost In You” – Another awesome bridge, the lyrics to the bridge are beautiful! I like how the lyrics talk about finding your way by being lost in God, it’s like finding clarity and peace in Him while being in the chaos of the world. 

“Then Christ Came” – I love this song! It describes what it’s like when Jesus radically changes your life and finding your true purpose in Him. The lyrics are beautifully written, in all worship to Jesus for all fulfilling us. It’s a beautiful song! 

“Nothing But the Blood” – The slower tempo of this song really allows you to focus on the lyrics, the music is beautiful and peaceful. It sounds like a lot like the classic worship song about the blood of Jesus. 

Overall this new album by MercyMe is awesome! Many of the songs have lyrics that are really powerful and just worshipping the name of Jesus through their songs is beautiful. My family and I really enjoyed Always Only Jesus and it will be playing in our house often.

Rating : 4/5

Released: October 21, 2022

Label: MercyMe/Fair Trade Services

Track Listing:

  1. Hands Up (3:21)
  2. Better Days Coming (3:45)
  3. Forgivable (3:52)
  4. To Not Worship You (3:45)
  5. Always Only Jesus (4:02)
  6. Heart Beats For Your Good (4:00)
  7. Grace Amazing (3:49)
  8. Lost In You (4:07)
  9. Then Christ Came (3:41)
  10. Nothing But The Blood (4:54)

10 Tracks, 39:00

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