Written by: Kelly Meade (5/30/19)

Rockers Seventh Day Slumber return with the 10-song collection, Closer To Chaos featuring their signature sound with strong vocal performances, anthemic music and hard-hitting lyrics.

“Alive Again” finds someone overwhelmed with the pressures and stresses of life to the point where they feel like the world is crumbling around them. Sinking deeper, they call out to God for rescue, realizing He is the only one who can save them.

Whether it’s an addiction, vice, harmful relationship or something else trying to hold us captive, “Cold Kiss Embrace” stands up to these liars and boldly moves forward in freedom.

“Man Down” vividly depicts the intensity of struggling with an inner battle that no one else can see. Haunted by the past as fears and anxiety plague their mind, they cry to God for Him to take it all away.

“The Letter”, while difficult to listen to as it details letters written prior to someone taking their own life, serves as a reminder to let people know how much their presence matters, that they are not alone in their pain and encourage them to reach out for help when they feel like they’re slipping away.

“Still Breathing” tells of feeling lost, as if you’re a burden to those around you and like you’ve reached the end of your hope, but holding on with the power of the Holy Spirit to continue – one breath at a time.

Closing track, “Your Eyes”, is a prayer of longing to be able to see yourself the way God sees you. More often than not, we feel anything but like the beautiful, unique Masterpiece that He created us to be; especially when regret, consequences of poor choices and feelings of inadequacy bombard our minds.

With timely songs that bring awareness to the importance of spiritual, emotional and mental health and the dark places that the enemy’s attacks can take us, Closer To Chaos pulls no punches when it comes to these subjects as the lyrics give a brutally honest look into how your heart, soul and mind can be effected when you get pulled into self-destructive patterns and thought processes. Seventh Day Slumber has never been afraid to tackle tough topics and do so with a message of hope attached reminding listeners who may be struggling that there is a God Who loves you and is reaching out to meet you where you are.


Released: May 31, 2019

Label: Rockfest Records

Track Listing:

  1. Alive Again (3:34)
  2. Cold Kiss Embrace (3:29)
  3. Burning An Empire (3:06)
  4. Drama (2:55)
  5. Light It Up (2:59)
  6. Man Down (4:44)
  7. The Letter (3:34)
  8. Still Breathing (4:10)
  9. Sober (3:04)
  10. Your Eyes (3:35)

10 Tracks, 35:00

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