Written by: Kelly Meade (07/03/20)

Sidewalk Prophets return with their first release of new music, aside from their 2019 Christmas offering, in five years. The Things That Got Us Here is well worth the wait as listeners are treated to an album that brings solid vocal performances & musical arrangements as well as heartfelt, uplifting lyrics.

An instrumental intro adds a pleasant build into the track, “Smile”, which reminds us that as Christians we have a deeper joy & hope that goes beyond the world’s version of happiness.

“Chosen” encourages that our identity in Christ can silence the lies of worthlessness, feeling as though we can never measure up and the pain of abandonment when we meditate on His promises and invest in knowing Him.

“Real To Me” tells the story that many of us can relate to about someone who grew up in church, but it wasn’t until living through doubts and wrestling with questions that they finally embraced and fully lived out their faith. I think it’s important to search your heart, the Scriptures and ask the tough questions to truly discover what you believe as you seek to build a relationship with God.

“There’s A Way” states that no matter what we’re facing or how impossible something seems, we are never alone and there is always a Way (Jesus) to help us through.

The timely message within the lyrics of “The Comment Section” points out how words typed from behind a screen can hurt and the heated debates & arguments that flare up in the comments on social media do far more harm than good. We should always stop and think before we type and consider if the words we’re using are the same we would say if we were face to face with that person.

“The Light” shares the realization of how a life lived for Christ is well worth the changes and effort put into walking in His ways as we strive to serve Him throughout our journey.

A radio single mix of “Smile” closes this collection putting a nice cap on an album that seeks to celebrate every part of life.

The Things That Got Us Here without a doubt highlights both the mountain top moments as well as the lowest valleys taking an honest look at how events, choices and the way we spend our days shapes our lives. With a strong emphasis on your relationship with God as being the cornerstone for the decisions you make and how your reactions to things affect not only your life but those of everyone around you, these songs are worth every second it takes to listen to them.


Released: July 3, 2020

Label: Curb | Word Entertainment

Track Listing:

1. Intro (Smile) (1:02)
2. Smile (2:48)
3. Chosen (3:01)
4. Where Forgiveness Is (3:52)
5. Real To Me (3:49)
6. Don’t You Think It’s Time (3:29)
7. You Were There (4:16)
8. I Believe It Now (3:41)
9. Let Go Your Troubles (3:36)
10. There’s A Way (3:19)
11. Thank You Jesus (4:21)
12. Don’t Sweat It (2:58)
13. The Comment Section (3:21)
14. The Light (4:10)
15. Smile (Single Mix) (2:56)

15 Tracks, 51:00

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