Alexis Slifer ‘Famous For EP’

///Alexis Slifer ‘Famous For EP’

Alexis Slifer ‘Famous For EP’

Written by: Laura Chambers (1/12/18)

Mention the name of God, and many people will affectionately recall their favorite Bible stories; verses that sustained them through dark nights of uncertainty; nuggets of wisdom that have been proven true over and over. The miracles of the Old and New Testaments, the beatitudes, the promises that fill the psalms; these are just some of the things that God is known for. But as well-known as these truths are, we all need a refresher course now and then. Alexis Slifer provides us with one in Famous For.

When we look at our problems, we tend to assume that what we see is the truth of it all. “Eagles” reminds us that our limited capacity to understand our circumstances can blind us unless we take the big picture into consideration. God sees what we cannot, so we must seek His guidance to view our lives as He does; moving toward a greater purpose. “Only One In The Room” describes a transformative encounter with God that erases all of the accumulated heaviness. When we spend time surrounded by the presence of God, we can forget everything else around us and simply lift our praises to Him.  Admittedly a rapidly draining reservoir of faith and strength, Slifer remembers God’s promise to remedy that in “Fill You Up”, an encouraging song that invites others who are languishing to let God fill their hearts to overflowing.

“Wonder” expresses incredulity that God would consider and love us so deeply when we’re so small compared to all of His other vast and numerous creations. He cares for us enough to give Himself for our sakes. “Famous For” declares the reasons we can believe in God’s faithfulness, which we have seen manifested many times over. Slifer asks God to perform the sorts of miracles He is known for – parting the waters, bringing the dead to life, and other events that have no other explanation than the power of God.  Lastly, God’s love spreads like a “Wildfire” that cannot be contained or doused. The hotter the flame becomes, the more we are reduced to malleable metal that we can lay before Him in sacrifice.

With strength of conviction and a tender heart, Alexis Slifer clings to the promises of God. Famous For highlights His faithfulness and willingness to answer the prayers of those who seek Him.


Released: November 3, 2017

Label: Bema Media LLC

Track Listing:

  1. Eagles (3:32)
  2. Only One in the Room (4:53)
  3. Fill You Up (3:14)
  4. Wonder (3:40 )
  5. Famous For (4:03)
  6. Wildfire (3:37)

6 Tracks, 23:00

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