Equippers Revolution ‘CLRS EP’

///Equippers Revolution ‘CLRS EP’

Equippers Revolution ‘CLRS EP’

Written by: Laura Chambers (1/10/18)

Equippers Revolution’s CLRS brings a bit of clarity to our chaotic days, reminding us to take a moment to affirm God’s glory and provision.

“Senses” wakes up to a new life full of brilliant colors enhanced by the presence of God, who can bring light to the darkness. The arrangement sounds like the singer is alone in an empty room save for the music – there’s a kind of echoing quality suggesting an open space.

“Promises” declares a trust in what God has told us even when everything seems to make no sense. He has never failed us; all of His ways lead to joy.

“Stay” concludes that what we were seeking was already chasing after us all this time. Jesus traded His life for ours, giving up the throne to save us. A lot of high notes here.

“Always Enough” relates the impossibility of filling the emptiness God belongs in with anything else. He will be enough, the One who longs for us. Let Him pour into our hearts so we experience His love fully. A mid-tempo song that sounds better without all the sound effects.

“Heaven Is Here” welcomes God’s presence with open hearts, expecting Him to work and being rewarded for their faith. He brings heaven down to us when we worship Him. The longest song on this EP seems like a leftover from another project perhaps, given its track length and depth of perspective.

Listening to CLRS is like taking a coffee break from a busy workday and enjoying a sweet treat with your hot beverage. Equippers Revolution brings God into our awareness for a few precious moments.


Released: January 19, 2018

Label: Dream Worship

Track Listing:

  1. Senses (3:27)
  2. Promises (3:51)
  3. Stay (3:44)
  4. Always Enough (4:26)
  5. Heaven Is Here (6:17)

5 Tracks, 21:45

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